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On our radar: Alex Rapp

Ahead of the release of her upcoming EP 'Monya', we unpack the captivating sound of rising (hyper-)popstar Alex Rapp.

Photo: Celeste Call

Using mind-bending effects and an astute knowledge of music technology, Alex Rapp has created a futuristic style of hyper-pop and alt-R’n’B. She’s part of the new wave of female talent pushing the envelope into new sonic realms, alongside artists like Eartheater, Caterina Barbieri and fka twigs, yet she’s manifested her own wild and enthralling sound.

An Ableton wizard and music technologist, Rapp harnesses her digital talents to combine jagged synths and modulated vocal effects into an experimental, hypnotic post-trip-hop aesthetic. Live, she’s innovative and performative, toying with vocal harmonics and using special glove controllers to dynamically manipulate her sound. American-born Rapp has been living in Berlin since 2019, making music and teaching production to younger artists.

As part of her outlook, she’s also been empowering female talent, embedding herself into the Beats by Girlz and She Knows Tech communities. To date she has released two EPs, with a third dropping in October 25th on Fluctua Records, and it’s the sound from that forthcoming EP, Monya, that’s bringing the singer-producer wider attention. With singles ‘I Shut Down’ and ‘Ego’ already elevated as standouts, Rapp shows a more intimate side, combining yearning and passionate vocals with crushing and explosive soundscapes that perfectly translate the songs’ deeper meanings about heartbreak, anguish and trauma.

  • Follow Alex Rapp on Instagram at @thats_arapp, and check out here Bandcamp page here.