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Berlin videos: Mary takes an Exberliner

Get ready for the second-to-last installment of "Between Two Drummers", the quirkily led talk show from Mary Ocher (and Your Government). This week's guest is Exberliner's own Walter Crasshole. Check it out here and help support her new album.

Mary Ocher and Your Government give a lovable nod to Zach Galifianakis’ Youtube sensation Between Two Ferns with their own version: Between Two Drummers. (Get it? Your Government has two drummers).

The fifth episode features Exberliner’s own Walter Crasshole – the final episode will appear next week and features Molly Nilsson

Don’t forget to check out episode one with David Deeryepisode two with Nina Hynesepisode three with Peter Baecker and episode four with Ned Colette.

And if it suits you, donate to their Indiegogo campaign which funds their debut album, and possibly get a chance to name it.

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