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Berlin videos: Berlin bandstand

Berlin finally gets its music show for the Youtube age: The One-Hit Parade. Catch performances and interviews from some of Exberliner's favourite acts in Martin Hossbach's new video series – streaming online now!

If you’ve read October’s music issue, you know Berlin’s music scene isn’t just about techno – from dubstep to riot grrrl, folk-pop to garage rock, there’s a panoply of musicians just waiting to be discovered. Where to start? Martin Hossbach helps you out with the excellent music video/interview series One-Hit Parade. All 10 videos from the debut season are online now, and devout Exberliner readers might recognise a few familiar names in the lineup – expat rapper Black Cracker, sparkletastic chamber-poppers Fenster and electro-goth chanteuse Anika – alongside cult up-and-comers like Jolly Goods, Chuckamuck and Skiing.

Get a taste now with Anika’s “Bloodhound Dub”, and stream the rest on!