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On Our Radar: Plattenbau and Gabrielle Kwarteng

Get to know Plattenbau and Gabrielle Kwarteng: Two Berlin-based music acts we can't get enough of right now. Powered by Teufel.

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When it comes to its music scene, few cities can compete with Berlin. These days, there are two particular artists on our radar: Post-punk rockers Plattenbau, and deep house DJ Gabrielle Kwarteng.


Photo: Julio Cordey
  • Hometown: Berlin
  • Genre: No Wave, Indie, Post-Punk
  • For fans of: New Order, Molchat Doma
  • Stand-out tracksBest Western and Cloaking Love

Berlin’s streets are lined with Plattenbauten: cold, prefab buildings often associated with the DDR. It’s this Cold War-era aesthetic that the post-punk band Plattenbau have chosen to embody – and they’re nailing it, from their quintessentially 80s sound down to their grimey, lo-fi videos. Plattenbau, who consider themselves ‘anti-hero’ musicians channelling their frustrations with the modern world through their anti-capitalist post-punk sound, are composed of members from Wales, Massachusetts and Sweden. Formed in 2011, the band started out with just frontman, singer and synth player Lewis Lloyd, and only slowly grew into the four-piece act it is today, consisting of distorted guitars, thunderous bass, and lots of synths.

With a sound reminiscent of New Order, albeit with more explosive energy and good looks, Plattenbau have a somewhat tongue-in-cheek approach to their music. Unapologetic and raw, the band’s style is soaked with cynicism, tying into their capitalist disillusionment. In late 2022, they released their third LP Net-Prophet, a remorseless cut of pessimistic synth-punk that’s about as cheery as looking at a Plattenbau. Delivered with a sense of urgency and youthful charm, Plattenbau’s music comes across with an upbeat swagger to help you dance away the dreary days of modern life.

Gabrielle Kwarteng

Photo: 2020 Amm GmbH / Gabrielle Kwarteng /
  • Hometown: New York
  • Genre: House, Techno
  • For fans of: Danny Tenaglia, Honey Dijon

Gabrielle Kwarteng, one of Berlin’s most exciting talents, has quickly become a globally recognised artist thanks to her deep and introspective musical knowledge and fantastic DJ sets. Quickly leaving the up-and-coming category behind and ascending further, Kwarteng was fast to find her feet after moving here from New York. Now a resident at Refuge and The Lot Radio, and a regular behind the decks at Panorama Bar, Kwarteng is one of the city’s most in-demand DJs thanks to her well-crafted blend of deep house cuts, techno, disco, funk and Ethiopian jazz.

Basically, if there’s a record with a groove, she’ll play it. Brought up on her parents’ musical tastes and immersing herself in Highlife, Afrobeat, disco, soul and the cultural mix that the Bronx provided, Kwarteng started to develop a taste for a whole variety of styles from very early on. Listening to her back catalogue of shows hosted on the Refuge website will quickly give you an idea of the depth of genres and diasporas that she is able to switch between with complete ease. With a touring schedule booked out far into the future, Kwarteng’s stock is at an all-time high. A DJ should take you on a journey, and with this one, you’re always guaranteed a wild and wonderful exodus.

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