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Berlin musicians take centre stage at Eurosonic Festival

Berlin acts put on a great show at the recent Eurosonic festival in Groningen, The Netherlands. We caught up with them to see what they thought of it.

Photo: Niels Knelis

It’s the biggest showcase festival in Europe, where bands come to be seen, and music professionals like to mingle. Amongst the assorted bunch of European acts vying for attention were five extremely talented Berlin musicians, one of whom even walked away with an award. Exberliner spoke to all the Berlin artists at the festival this year to get their thoughts on this year’s event.

Every year in the Dutch city of Groningen, in between the coffee-shops and alongside the canals, Eurosonic Festival showcases the very best in up-and-coming talent from across the content. Along with a conference and a couple of awards show, Eurosonic is the place to be for every artist worth their salt. Luckily Berlin was on show, flaunting its musical muscle throughout the week with some of the city’s best, contemporary acts.

Eddington Again

Photo: eddington.again

Berlin’s most exciting import and musical architect of soulful electronica and RnB performed at Simplon during the event. “I was excited to play there,” the artist says, when asked about getting their first booking at Eurosonic. “The town is really cute, and honestly, I never even knew that Groningen existed before going there.”

With their exciting visuals and future soul sound, Berlin-based Eddington Again made a lot of new fans, as well as finding time to revel in the love adorned by their international fans at the festival. “My set went well, even though I didn’t get a chance to soundcheck beforehand. I had a lot of positive reactions from the crowd, and there were even people waiting to take pictures with me after the set.”

Up next for the future-soulster is a new show at Berghain Kantine in February, along with a new deluxe version of their acclaimed album that came out late last year, Naomi9. “A lot of people loved it,” they say when asked how the album has been perceived so far. “And, the word masterpiece was thrown around a lot of times too!”

Bulgarian Cartrader

Photo: Niels Knelis

Groningen is not uncharted territory for the personable, well-dressed pop-icon Bulgarian Cartrader, aka. Daniel Stoyanovm, who debuted at the festival last year. “It feels good to be back,” Stoyanov says about returning to the festival. “I remember I saw some really beautiful shows last year.”

Not only did the ‘Golden Rope’ singer play to a much larger crowd this year, but the singer-songwriter also left with one of the prestigious Music Moves Europe Awards. “It’s great, and there’s always a tendency to be shy about these things,” Stoyanov says about his award. “I just can’t wait to continue to make more music. I feel understood and thankful for being put on a pedestal.”

For Stoyanov, 2024 is year filled with more shows, particularly in his homeland, Bulgaria. “Last year, I played my first show in Bulgaria, and people were really digging it,” Stoyanov says about reconnecting with his homeland. “It’s so special for them, and I’m walking around all the time talking about Bulgaria like some kind of spokesman.”


Photo: catt

The Berlin folk-singer was fortunate to play two shows art this year’s Eurosonic. In addition to playing the Grand Theatre, CATT aka. Catharina Schorling, also did a matinee show at the Coffee Company cafe. “I think this is my first showcase festival,” Schorling replies, when asked about performing at Eurosonic. “It feels extremely relaxed here, where people are so nice in this city, and want to listen.”

Schorling released her second album Change last year to critical acclaim. It took the delicate songwriting elements of her debut, and combined it with the more adventurous nature that her band brought to the table.

“I’m trusting more in the process, in the music, and what the songs want to tell,” Schorling says about her new creative process. “I’m not trying to be a really great piano player, but a player who plays the song. I don’t want to have this CATT sound anymore, so I feel really free and curious to hear what it will sound like.”


Photo: whatisthala

Berlin’s international shoegaze-rockstar, having recently returned to Berlin after a short sojourn in London, also graced the stage of the Coffee Company cafe, before playing to a packed Vera club later on. “Showcase festivals are normally really interesting,” she says about playing at Eurosonic. “It’s hectic. You’re being chased around a lot, and I like the business element of them.”

The past year or so, has seen the artist play at multiple shows, and showcase festivals around the world. “There’s been a lot of changes in my team, so it feels good to play such a big venue now,” the Berliner says about playing Eurosonic. “Vera is such an iconic venue, especially looking at all the people who played here, like Kurt Cobain. I feel very grateful.”

Thala’s career and musical output has been relentless since the release of her debut album Adolescence in 2021. “I’ve gone full circle,” THALA says about her shifting musical style. “In the beginning it was more shoegaze, then I went college rock, and with the next few singles, I’m finding what you kind of describe as the THALA sound; shoegaze rock with modern elements.”

Güner Künier

Photo: andieriekstina 

After her 2022 debut album Aşk (Turkish for “Love”), Berlin-based lo-fi, experimental Krautrock singer songwriter has been a constant on the road. During Eurosonic, the Berliner brought her loud, brash electronics to the venue, Mutua Fides.

“I had a really great time there, I loved it and the show was really great” she describes about her time in Groningen. “It was really inspiring, and I got to see a lot of great bands as well.”

Over the past few months, the producer has also been working on the follow-up to her debut album as well. “The response to my record has been really good so far,” she details about Aşk. “I’m just finishing my next album, and will go out this year with a band to play the songs.”