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On Our Radar: Moses Yofee Trio and Kissen

We get to know the sounds and stories of Moses Yofee Trio and Kissen - two Berlin-based music acts we can't get enough of right now.

Moses Yofee Trio

Photo: Valentin Hansen / Aysan Lamby
  • Genre: Jazz
  • For fans of: Portico Quartet, BADBADNOTGOOD, GoGo Penguin
  • Stand-out tracks: ‘Ocean’, ‘At Ease’, ‘Minor Issues’

There are few other genres as polarising as jazz. People either love it or hate it. Yet, when you take in the rhythmic sounds of Moses Yoofee Trio – infectious, foot-tapping, soulful – it becomes very hard to relate to those who dislike this music. Yet, herein lies the beauty of the trio, fronted by keyboardist Moses Yoofee. The band, accompanied by drummer Noah Fürbringer and bassist Roman Klobe, seamlessly manage to bridge the worlds of classic hip hop, jazz, soul and pop with their effortless vibes.

From the very outset of their 2023 debut record OCEAN, the band’s sound instantaneously had their listeners hooked. Jazz trios are all the rage right now, and Moses Yoofee’s merry band of soulful cavaliers are no exception. With drum rhythms that could easily have their way onto an MF Doom cut, these jazz cats are on point with keys that leave a special kind of tingling in your soul, and basslines so deep, not even James Cameron could touch them. Yes, Moses Yoofee Trio are the real deal, and they’re streaks ahead of their peers.


Photo: Rianon Vran
  • Genre: Trip Hop
  • For fans of: Massive Attack, Tricky, FKA Twigs
  • Stand-out tracks: ‘Nothing’, ‘Homesick’

It seemed to many that the UK-driven genre trip hop, popularised by the likes of Tricky and Massive Attack, dropped off the map some time ago, but thanks to underground trendsetters like Kissen, Tirzah, and FKA Twigs the style is knocking around once again. It’s difficult to know whether or not Mancunian producer and vocalist Kissen was even alive during the heyday of trip-hop. Not that it matters much, with her delicate vocals and soft R‘n’B and electronic productions, the musicians easily captures the zeitgeist, adding her own modern style on top.

Now a part of the Berlin music community, the producer-vocalist is sliding into her new surroundings with ease, nabbing a regular slot on Refuge Worldwide radio. This year saw the artist release a new EP, Homesick, on Mansions and Millions, the home of Berlin greats like John Moods, Magic Island and Discovery Zone. It’s another fine example of the artist’s proficiency. The music is both weightless and sensual, balanced with crawling breaks that could have easily been lifted from Maxinquaye. The music, however, is just the backdrop to the producer’s breezy and soulful vocals that drift and sway like wistful kisses in the air.