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Now Playing: EXB’s Issue 226 mixtape

Press play on the tracks that kept the Exberliner office grooving during the production of the latest issue.

Curious what Exberliner’s editors, designers and writers are listening to while they put together the magazine? Get the mixtape with all the songs that inspired the latest issue, straight from Exberliner’s HQ. 

What can you expect? There are tranquil tracks by Berlin’s very own Nils Frahm and a rendition of Johann Sebastian Bach because we take the classics seriously. As always, we’ve thrown some Easter eggs in the mix (songs that inspired or were inspired by issue 226), and sprinkled everything with a good seasoning of well-known names, such as Björk, John Moods, Griff and Nat King Cole. You could say this mixtape is like a packet of Haribo Color-rado: there’s something for everybody, with universally beloved gummy bears and more divisive treats like sugar-coated licorice.

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