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Berlin concerts: The Best Live Music in June 2024

Berlin in June is jam-packed with live music. Here are our recommendations for must-see concerts this month.

Photo: @daria.msdv

As the summer starts to heat up, so does Berlin’s live music scene. From punk/indie rock band Mannequin Pussy to folk vocalist Derek Piotr, venues around the city are bringing the heat with a full schedule of top-notch live music.

Sat, Jun 1

Julie Byrne

Photo: @tonjethilesen

After a 6 year hiatus, Julie Byrne’s The Greater Wings (2024) picks up right where she left off: by taking an unapologetic look at herself. Fans will recognize her standard fingerpicked guitar and synthesizer, but may be surprised by the soulful strings in singles like “Summer Glass.” Prepare for a high octane but intimate performance.

  • Silent Green, Gerichtstraße 35, Wedding, details.


Photo: @wearevillagers

Although this album may have been released in January, The Villager’s most recent album That Golden Time (2024) certainly feels at home in the summer. Their folk inspired and low-key sound are perfect for walking in the afternoon sun. Whether their set at Passionkirche is laid back or high energy, it is sure to be an aesthetic experience.

  • Passionskirche, Marheinekepl. 1, Kreuzberg, details.

Sun, Jun 2


Photo: @leni_li

Leipzig-based DJ Leni is no stranger to the European music-scene. 46 Katzen (2024), her Kater Balu set, is well-over two hours of energizing music. For fans of electronic music, her gARTn set will hit the spot.

  • gARTn, Blockdammweg 1, Rummelsburg, details.

Wed, Jun 5


Photo: @schwindel.bln

While the direct translation of Schwindel might be “dizziness,” the indie-punk trio certainly is clear-headed about their sound. Their 2022 album Liebe Not is equal parts guitar solo and strong vocals. As personal and relatable as their instagram post poses, Schwindel’s concert is sure to be an eclectic and electric indie-punk experience.

  • Wild at Heart, Wiener Straße 20, Friedrichshain, details.

Sat, Jun 8

Ryder the Eagle

Photo: @bambivader

Ryder the Eagle’s Autotango (2024) continues his legacy of love and *lost love* songs. Deceptively catchy, these songs are sure to make you feel all of Ryder’s heartbreak or hope. Either way, his performance at 8MM is sure to be emotional. 

  • 8MM, Schönhauser Allee 177b, Prenzlauer Berg, details.

Mon, Jun 10


Photo: @vianmusicofficial

Unlike other entries on this list, VIAN has a distinct pop flavour. Like all quintessential pop songs, VIAN uses a strong drum line and catchy lyrics to keep listeners coming back for more. His Schokoladen set will surely bring people to the dance floor.

  • Schokoladen, Ackerstraße 169, Mitte, details.

Tue, Jun 11

Mannequin Pussy

Photo: @elixrae

When Mannequin Pussy released their fourth studio album this year, I Got Heaven continued their thematic unpacking of feminine energy (much like other iconic punk bands like Bikini Kill).  Founded in 2010, the now 4 member band has curated a nearly 92K following. When they take the stage at Cassiopeia, the band’s punk rock sound is sure to expand their fanbase.

  • Cassiopeia, Revaler Str. 99, Friedrichshain, details.

Fri, Jun 14

Mary Ocher & Your Government

Photo: © Ali Bay

Mary Ocher’s performance at Kantine am Berghain will mark the European release of her new album Your Guide to Revolution. It will also be the first time she has performed with her drummers (Your Government) in Berlin since the sold-out performance at Deutsche Oper in 2019. To hear more from Ocher, Berghain doors open at 10:00.

  • Kantine am Berghain, Am Wriezener bhf, Friedrichshain, details.

Sun, Jun 16


Photo: @ikantphoto

The french duo Il:lo describes their music as “difficult to hold.” While the light piano in the beginning of their remixes may seem surprising (considering they are a self proclaimed electric duo), the gradual introduction of drums and electro-synth catapults the music (and likely their concerts) to high energy levels.

  • Privatclub, Skalitzer Str. 85-86, Kreuzberg, details.

Tue, Jun 18


Photo: @daria.msdv

The funky beat of ETRAN DE L’AÏR adds a modern twist to family-centered music. Founder Aghaly Migi and his brothers make up this eclectic band where Niger culture heavily influences their music. If you are interested in dynamic vocals and catchy tunes, stop into Gretchen on June 18.

  • Gretchen, Obentrautstraße 19-21, Kreuzberg, details.

Wed, Jun 26


Photo: @mischav1

Avalanche Kaito’s Talitakum (2024) combines the vocals of Kaito Winse, guitar of Nico Gitto and electronic musings of Benjamin Chaval into a highly rhythmic album. Their repetitive melodies are good for scream-singing along. Halfway through their set at Gretchen on June 26, you should be able to join in.

  • Gretchen, Obentrautstraße 19-21, Kreuzberg, details.

Fri, Jun 28

Derek Piotr

Photo: @derekpiotr

Divine Supplication (2024) uses electro-beat to create surprising songs like “East Tennessee.” Derek Piotr’s manipulation of the human voice creates an entirely new experience equal parts electro and vocal. To experience this dynamic in person, go to Collegium Hungaricum on June 28. 

  • Collegium Hungaricum, Dorotheenstraße 12, Mitte, details.

Sat, Jun 29

Lisa Lerkenfeldt

Photo: @traianos

Even though she is the second piano entry on this list, Lisa Lerkenfeldt delivers something unique. Her music is an experience based on cyclical themes and variations. Her specialty is integrating endless piano chords into an electro-music format. Her work, simply put, has an edge.

  • Collegium Hungaricum, Dorotheenstraße 12, Mitte, details.

Descriptions Written by Belle Lewis