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Album review

A Song For You: All encompassing, wide-reaching sounds

In A Song For You's new album Home, the 52-person collective takes R'n'B to the masses with tracks that are tender and soulful.★★★★★

Photo: @bellalieberberg

Vocal ensembles and choirs are en vogue at the moment, but very few sound as good as R‘n’B and gospel group A Song For You. The Berlin-based collective, a fluctuating group of 52 members (singers, producers, poets), have managed to produce a sound that is rich with themes of spirituality and togetherness, delivered through their harmonic collective choruses.

Released on Bradley Zero’s Rhythm Section imprint, the record has that deep, neo-soulful vibe as popularised by the likes of Sault, while still managing to remain unique. Through their harmonies, the group creates a sonic palette that is wide-reaching, all-encompassing, yet soft and soulful.

Photo: Home

With the critical and tender R‘n’B music on Home, the band also amplify (literally) the voices and narratives of Berlin’s BIPOC, LGBTQ+ communities, establishing themselves as one of the most important bands in the city at the moment. With performances already booked for MELT Festival and Theater des Westens, A Song For You are the band to watch. ★★★★★