Grunge, post-punk and patriarchy: 24/7 Diva Heaven

Bassist Karo Paschedag discusses what to expect at Diva Fest, and how to make Berlin's music scene more inclusive.

Riot grrrl band 24/7 Diva Heaven. Photo: Maren Michaelis

24/7 Diva Heaven are a grunge and riot grrrl band, who have spent the past two years tearing it up across the continent while taking on the patriarchy with full-blooded tenacity. As co-founders of GRRRL-NOISY, a support network and events space for female and female-identifying artists, the trio have been ardently working to make Berlin a more diverse and safe space.

Ahead of their Diva Fest in June, with a line-up of damn cool divas, we spoke to bass player Karo Paschedag.

How did you all get together? 

We played some shows with them last year, and they really kick ass.

We met at events and through friends before getting together as a band, but really it was Mary’s [drums] fault. She wouldn’t stop asking Kat [vocals and guitar] to jam with her, and after a while, it turned out to be a match and now we’re here. 

What is Diva Fest, and what can we expect? 

Diva Fest is Diva Heaven’s annual headliner show in Berlin. When playing Berlin, we just like to invite bands we really like and enjoy, with some surprises as well. There will be two bands playing along with us: Kara Delik who are a three-piece from Berlin and play pretty cool post-punk, krautrock-ish tunes with a Turkish vibe; and Annie Taylor, a grunge, psych rock, space-pop band from Switzerland. We played some shows with them last year, and they really kick ass. Plus, we’ve planned the best after show party you could possibly get. 

What have you been doing to support and empower FLINTA* musicians in the city? 

Together with befriended like-minded bands, we started GRRRL-NOISY, a collective that provides a monthly safe space for FLINTA* musicians to jam, network and be together. It’s not only musicians, but also music lovers, photographers, producers, and so on. The goal is to build a functioning network, to empower each other and to build visibility. 

What more can be done further to support FLINTA* artists? 

I think visibility is a huge aspect. We can write and talk more about FLINTA* artists, give them a stage and room. There are so many unknown FLINTA* artists because they never got the chance to get out of the basement. Booking agencies and record labels could also be more aware of FLINTA* musicians, and festivals and venues could dedicate 50 percent of their programme to FLINTA* artists. Support and empowerment are keywords here, if you ask me. 

When will we get to hear the next Diva album? 

We are currently working on new songs and are hoping to go into the studio in autumn/winter this year, so you should get to hear the second album soon, next year.

  • Diva Fest Astra Kulturhaus, June 2, details.