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Agony on a treadmill: Rasche’s 4.48 Psychosis at DT

REVIEW! Ulrich Rasche’s downsized production of "4.48 Psychosis", at Deutsches Theater Feb 12, 13, 28, 29, with […]


Daddy issues: Richter’s In My Room at Gorki

REVIEW! Falk Richter's "In My Room", playing at Maxim Gorki Theater Feb 7 and Feb 19 with […]


Theatertreffen 2020 selection is anything but business as usual

Just announced, this year's Theatertreffen selection has some surprises - good ones according to our stage critic. […]


Gob Squad’s Sarah Thom on their Brexit-inspired I Love You, Goodbye

INTERVIEW! Ahead of their upcoming performance "I Love You, Goodbye – The Brexit and Beyond Edition" on […]


Back to the future: Volksbühne’s Germania

REVIEW! Playing Jan 23 at the Volksbühne with English surtitles, Claudia Bauer's "Germania" is one of the […]


Performance in the age of digital egotism

RANT! Since when is it acceptable to take photos on your smartphone during a performance? Do these […]


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