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Bergen rules, Oslo drools: Kakkmaddafakka

INTERVIEW. The Erlend Øye-produced Norwegian ska-pop outfit Kakkmaddafakka manage to transform live orchestral chaos into something convincing […]

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Kosmonaut: Spacing out

Getting to Kosmonaut may feel like a trip to outer space, but it's only Lichtenberg. The newish […]

Music & clubs

The mystery of MS MR

INTERVIEW. Born of the blogosphere, MS MR are a thoroughly modern band shrouded (until recently) in mystery. […]


Rooting for rituals

Rocker Jimmy Trash and filmmaker Thanassis Tatzvialis voyaged across Europe in search of magic and traditional folk […]

Music & clubs

Fête de la Musique 2013: A long day’s journey into nocturnal emissions

It's festival time! Again! Just as you're recovering from May Day, the city has put together another […]

Music & clubs

Twin Peaks

INTERVIEW. One pea in the indie pop pod of Tegan and Sara talks about sisterhood, feminism and, […]


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