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Where to get a drink in Wedding: Hoppy tips for happy hour

No matter the occasion – a chill Feierabendbier, sophisticated whisky tasting or a three-day bender – Wedding's got plenty of drink options for you.

Photo: The B Side


There are whisky bars – and then there are whisky bars. You can definitely raise your expectations if you are visiting Offside, as this bar stocks no less than 1200 different varieties – so many that guests are usually offered an iPad to search through the collection alphabetically or by region. The options are mostly Scotch, but you can get a drop of barley-bree from any corner of the globe. Owners Nina and Lars aren’t resting on their laurels though. On the first Thursday of every month, Lars leads a whisky tasting, introducing his Stammkunden to the new additions.

If hooch isn’t your thing, there are over 50 beers available, many of them from local Wedding breweries. It’s worth a visit even for teetotalers, just to drink in the decor: the ceiling is decorated with an imaginary toy-town and the walls are covered in historic photos of Berlin.

  • Jülicher Str. 4
  • Mon-Thu 17-24, Fri 17-1, Sat 15-1, Sun 15-24


Photo: William Bertoni

Vagabund Taproom has been winning awards since it opened in 2013. So many, in fact, that they were practically forced to expand into a 1600 m2 brewery, bar, beer garden and event space: the Vagabund Brauerei Kesselhaus. Their operation remains loyal to its Wedding roots though, the beer is still 100 percent brewed in-Kiez. Hot tip for those a little cash-strapped: Happy Hour is from 5-7pm and it’s very happy indeed; the discount is a full 50 percent on all tap beers, long drinks are €5 all day every day and they have student discounts on Thursdays. Definitely leave your car keys at home.

  • Antwerpener Str. 3
  • Mon-Thu 17-12, Fri-Sat 17-2

B-side Bar

Photo: The B Side

B-side Bar is the place for everyone going out on a budget. It’s unclear what energy the place tries to channel, with its red brothel-like lighting, wooden bar counter and speakers blasting R&B. But don’t think too much about it and grab a cheap drink here after work. B-side is where locals actually come and sit at the tables outside, avoiding the international swaggerers gathered indoors telling another hippy travel story. The drink to get here is a 1980s take on the Black Russian: ‘Mind-eraser’, with vodka, coffee liqueur and club soda. A sign above the door claims that it will erase the day after long office hours – we doubt that, but it will definitely not erase money from your pocket – it costs only €4.50!

  • Gerichtstr. 56
  • Mon-Tue, Wed-Thu 18-1, Fri-Sat 18-3, Sun 18-24

Beste Bar

Photo: BESTE Bar

Another bar-in-the-hood that’s en vogue among locals is Beste Bar. The place is always bustling, brightly lit up and offering foosball, board games and fun, cosy times. Both vintage and urban, sporting some curious stylistic decisions like the huge electric chandelier or Mona Lisa in the corner, Beste Bar’s homey attire – vintage sofas, bare brick walls, warm lights – attracts Weddingers and visitors alike. Cocktails, shots, a modest but satisfying beer selection – almost everything here is under €6! Here you can let your hair down and have a glass of wine for €3 or even a Moscow Mule for €3.50 (on Thursdays before 22:00 only).

  • Willdenowstr. 12A
  • Tue-Thu 19-1, Fri-Sat 19-3

Hopfen & Malz

Photo: William Bertoni

Looking for more? Stop by Hopfen & Malz and choose your Feierabendbier from the 500 different types of beers, most of which are imported from the Bavarian region of Franconia. Why? “Because they’re the best ones,” shrugs owner-to-be Niki Palme, who is set to take over from Ludger Berges. “Even as a full Berliner, I have no problem saying that.” But Hopfen & Malz, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary, is not entirely swearing off Berliner beers: you’ll also find a number of local brews, such as Schneeeule, Vagabund and Nordberliner. Next to the myriad of bottled hops, the shop also sports a selection of English and Irish ciders that are not to be scoffed at.

  • Triftstr. 57
  • Mon-Fri 15-20, Sat 11-17

The Forsberg

Photo: The Forsberg

On Gerichtstraße, colourful and delish The Forsberg awaits you. The bar is named after its humble founder Charles Forsberg: a Canadian-born artist, one of whose abstract Gerhard Richter-like paintings hangs on the bar’s wall. You’ll find wine and cocktails alongside the phlegmatic expat crowd gathered outside by the tiny ornamental tile tables. The public’s favourite is ‘Bad Boy Iced Tea’ with Earl Grey-infused vodka, and deservingly so. Although, as always, when bad boys and vodka are involved, be careful: it’s charmingly invigorating at first, but exercise moderation if you want to find your way home. If you’re cool, bartenders may give you the local ambrosia, a secret-ingredient Absacker ‘Wedding Spritz’ to go – so turn your inner social animal on!

  • Gerichtstraße 26
  • Wed-Sat 18-24

Freya Fuchs

Photo: Freya Fuchs

A strong competitor for The Forsberg in a race for the hippest Wedding bar is Freya Fuchs, a foxy open terrace candlelit speakeasy with a millennial crowd, full even on weekdays. The drinks here are simple, strong, and effective; they’re not the cheapest, but they get the job done. Grab a beer, take a shot of tequila or sip on an intense cocktail, like the smashing ‘Gin Basil Smash’. Smoking is allowed, and dogs are welcome: surrounded by people sitting in smoke clouds shouting over the music and barking, you’ll feel as bohemian as they come.

  • Tegeler Str. 34
  • Mon-Sat 18-3, Sun 18-24

Panke Culture

Panke Culture is the embodiment of the German Feierabend stereotype. Local bohemians having a drink after work at the long wooden tables outside – check. Alcohol selection limited to beer, cider and Aperol Spritz – check. Oh, but what is that? Cannabis-infused drinks with THC – check! This is the Wedding twist on Biergarten culture. The wild garden has a hint of sci-fi, with fluorescent lantern sticks and a giant orange neon circle poking through the bushy trees. The inside area opens for events and concerts: multi-genre girrrllxpoweR, lo-fi band Deck 2 Deck, Disco international. Come, slam some beers, get a little high and dance to everything but techno for a change!

  • Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5
  • Wed 16-1, Thu-Sat 16-3, Sun 16-22


Photo: Eschenbräu

It’s one of those beer gardens that whole families come to

What began as one guy making beer in a student-housing basement has transformed into Eschenbräu. And now you finally have an answer to the question: ‘Is there anything better than a beer on a hot summer’s day?’ Yes, it’s a delicious beer, served in a gorgeous Hinterhof, brewed by a guy who refuses to charge more than €3.80 for 500ml because it would be greedy. The atmosphere is relaxed: it’s one of those beer gardens that whole families come to for an afternoon together. Our personal recommendation is the Panke Gold, a delicious Pils available year-round. And if beer isn’t your thing, you could try one of nine malt whiskies that are also made on-site.

  • Triftstr. 67
  • Mon-Sun 15-1

Schneeeule Salon

Photo: Schneeeule Salon

Just off busy Müllerstraße, you’ll find the tap room of a brewery that puts a new spin on a beer with a long tradition: Berliner Weisse. Instead of faffing about with woodruff or raspberry syrup, the 2016-founded Schneeeule brewery includes flavours like elderflower, ginger or jasmine in the brewing process. The result: a very quaffable, refreshingly sour brew with a slight hint of sweetness that’s the pride and joy of its creator Ulrike Genz, who you might even be able to spot at the tap room (look out for her trademark cowboy hat). On Fridays, Schneeeule does a Vinyl night, where you can bring and play your own music. And bringing your own board game is always encouraged!

  • Ofener Str. 1
  • Wed-Fri from 18:00, Sat-Sun from 15:00


Photo: Lydia Bigley

Wedding probably isn’t the first spot that springs to mind when planning a queer night out in the city. Did you even know it had a queer bar? Well, it does, and it’s proudly ‘flying’ the rainbow flag. Located on a quiet (and unfortunately named) street, a 10-minute walk from S-Bahn Wedding, this small and cosy neighbourhood bar welcomes all members and supporters of the LGBTQ+ community but tends to attract a mainly female crowd. The small counter at the front serves up cheap-as-chips beer (€2.50 for a bottle of Flensburger), spirits and humorously named mixed drinks such as the ‘Golden Shower’ (Amaretto, Apple, Prosecco) or ‘Gay Donkey’ (Vodka, Ginger Beer, Cucumber). It also has a 2-for-1 drinks deal every Tuesday night. More than a neighbourhood bar, Curly also hosts weekly shows and event nights on Wednesdays with everything from Open Stage to a sexy fun slumber party and even a Queer Knitting Club! This little gem is definitely worth making a trip out of your Kiez for. And if you already live in Wedding, you’ve really got no excuse!

  • Adolfstr. 17
  • Tue-Thu from 18-1, Fri-Sat 18-2