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  • tipBerlin Food Festival 2022: Join us on a culinary journey


tipBerlin Food Festival 2022: Join us on a culinary journey

TipBerlin's Food Festival celebrates its 3rd anniversary this year. Come participate in a hands-on lab, eat dinner prepared by gourmet chefs, explore the food market and hear discussions with food experts.

Last year’s tipBerlin Food Festival. Photo: F. Anthea Schaap

Come with us on a culinary journey through the capital! Our sister magazine tipBerlin is putting on a host of events to help our readers better appreciate Berlin’s food scene. Highlights include a food market showing off Edeka Food Campus’ creative creations, a secret dinner jointly hosted by vegetarian star restaurant Cookies Cream and the ever-vibrant Crackers, a kombucha workshop in the historic Knorr-Bremse factory on Landsberger Allee and talks with culinary experts about Berlin’s gastronomy.

There are 4 sections below: dinners hosted by partners, a do-it-yourself workshop, a food market and chats with experts.

Dining out

All year long we write about our favourite restaurants, but for the next few days, we’ll be completely focused on dining. Whether the restaurant is vegetable-focused or completely vegan, whether you’re seated at the grill or with a view of the city, you will always get quality food at these spots in Berlin. Here is a list of the ones that are putting on dinners for our festival.


Giacomo Mannucci has brought Italian meat culture to Berlin. His To Beef or not to Beef in the Akazienkiez has turned into Berlin’s Weinbau: a wine bar with Italian cuisine.

  • Thursday, Oct 6, 19:00
  • Akazienstr. 3, Schöneberg
  • €84 for a 4-course dinner and wine accompaniment

Irma La Douce

Chef Michael Schulz is one of the city’s youngest Michelin stars. His perfectly formed restaurant is completely French in ambience, atmosphere and flavours.

  • Thursday, Oct 6, 18.30
  • Potsdamer Str. 102, Tiergarten
  • €95 for a 4-course dinner + €42 for wine accompaniment


You won’t get a better view of the city from any Berlin restaurant: this place is perfect for casual dining with a view over Askanischer Platz.

  • Thursday, Oct 6, 19:00
  • Stresemannstr. 76, Kreuzberg
  • €89 for a shared dinner and drinks (aperitif, coffee, water)

Châlet Suisse

In Grunewald, the restaurant Châlet Suisse has reinvented itself – the chefs cook exclusively with smoke and over an open fire. The result is a new take on homey alpine cuisine.

  • Thursday, Oct 6, 18:00
  • Im Jagen 5, Zehlendorf
  • €61 for a Swiss 3-course shared dinner + €36 for wine accompaniment


Buddhist feel-good cuisine: the vegan Oukan is a quiet spectacle, to say nothing of the restaurant’s lovely architecture.

  • Thursday, Oct 6, 19:00
  • Ackerstr. 114, Mitte
  • €89 for a 4-course dinner and tea accompaniment

Fortys at Mercedes-Benz

Ever dreamed of having lunch at a car dealership? On Salzufer, the Golvet branch invites you to lunch and demonstrates that lunch can be the most important meal of the day.

  • Friday, Oct 7, 12:30
  • Am Salzufer 1, Charlottenbur
  • €12.50 for a business lunch and dessert


Jinok Kim-Eiken’s fish menu (always sustainably-sourced) is Berlin’s hidden gem. Find Korean cuisine and a friendly down-to-earth atmosphere.

  • Friday, Oct 7, 18:30
  • Lindenstr. 90, Kreuzberg
  • €140 for an 8-course fish menu and wine pairing by Wolfgang Baumeister

Beimake China Tea Lab

Beimake is one of the importers of Chinese teas in Berlin. In a tasting seminar, which is also a tea ceremony, you will learn everything about the professional preparation of green and black teas.

  • Friday, Oct 7, 16:00
  • €15
  • Niedstr. 28, Friedenau

Food market

Berlin has become a food metropolis, and that transformation is the theme of this year’s food festival. So much has changed since Berlin’s industrialisation: No one from the 1820s could have dreamt that there would one day be something like chickpea tofu from Saxony-Anhalt and barbecues without any meat at all. At our food market in the beer garden of the Clärchen on Auguststraße, you will find beer and baked goods, spirits with history and sustainable future food.

More than ever, the future of a metropolis like Berlin will also be decided by the question of how we will eat in the future. Our Foodmarket approaches this topic with relish and vision. Exhibitors include the Kiezbrauerei Berliner Berg, which has consciously decided against selling its beers outside Berlin-Brandenburg, and Glutenfreie Heimat’s Constanze Walcher, who invents unique baking mixtures – gluten-free, certified organic and so delicious.

This weekend, you can taste all these delicacies and talk to people who are passionate about food and its local and sustainable production.

  • Saturday, Oct 8, 12-19:00 / Sunday, Oct 9, 12-17:00
  • free admission
  • Clärchens Auguststr. 24/25, Mitte

Talks and performances

Tip editors Aida Bahghernejad and Clemens Niedenthal will talk with the leaders of culinary Berlin this weekend in the Clärchen’s Spiegelsaal. Expect discussions about questions like this: Where does Berlin stand in comparison with international food metropolises? What did fine Berlin food look like in the 1980s? Is the capital’s gastronomy migrating to the countryside? How can culinary refinement remain an accessible pleasure? What are the parallels between writing a menu and writing a novel?

Saturday, Oct. 8

13.00 – How does the city taste? Talk with Katharina Kurz (BRLO), Paul Truszkowski (Suff) and others, moderated by Clemens Niedenthal.
14.30 – Searching for the next Berlin? Round table discussion with protagonists of culinary Berlin; in English, moderated by: Aida Baghernejad
16:00 – Max Strohe “Kochen am offenen Herzen” (Cooking with an Open Heart), discussion on the debut novel by the star chef Tulus Lotrek

Sunday, Oct. 9

12.30 – Regionality in the supermarket The Edeka talk show
13:30 – Felix Kochshow Zero-Waste-Kitchen with Felix Perger from Berlin Cuisine
14:30 – André Macionga Not afraid of wine. Tim Raue’s long-time sommelier in conversation
15:30 – Atelier Culinario Intuitive cooking with Sabine Hueck
16:30 – Mampe Cocktail Show A Berlin icon in a glass

Please note: The only offering in English this year is Searching for the next Berlin? with Aida Beghernejad

The festival runs this year from Oct 3-9, and events can be found at various locations throughout Berlin. Find more information online.