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Berlin's best restaurants

The best restaurants in Wedding

Where should you eat in Berlin's eternally up-and-coming district? We round up the best restaurants in Wedding.


Onions, roasted: Ernst is all about minimalism. Photo: Staffan Sundstrom

This is kind of two entries in one. Ernst is somewhat of an anomaly on Nettlebeckplatz, which is better known for junkies than fine dining. But alas, gentrification marches inevitably on, and now even Wedding has a Michelin star. It is well deserved though. Expect a multi course tasting menu, a narrative that unfolds over several hours. The ingredients are unparalleled in their quality, with lots of fish and Japanese flavours, all brought together by award winning Canadian chef Dylan Watson-Brawn.

Julius, the little brother store, literally across the road is a more casual affair. Run by Okinawa-born, Kyoto-trained chef Shunsuke Naogoka, who spent two years at Ernst before crossing the street. Since launching in 2020, co-founder Inga Krieger describes the new undertaking as “Good food, good wine, good coffee, that’s all.”

Read our full review here.

  • Ernst, Gerichtstraße 54, Sun-Tue closed, Wed-Sat 19:30-24:00.
  • Julius, Gerichtstraße 31, Mon-Wed closed, Thu-Sun 10:00-24:00


Yuhang Wu creates some of Berlin’s most imaginative meals at UUU in Wedding. Photo: Paula Ragucci

UUU opens only three nights a week, and seats only 9 customers a night. The €129 price tag must be worth it though because you need to book well in advance to experience the multi course menu that explores the diversity of Chinese cuisine and pairs each dish with teas and kombuchas.

As our food editor Jane Silver says “There’s not much point describing the menu, which can vary from week to week or even day to day as vegetables and animals go in and out of season. Suffice to say that it combines Michelin expertise (Wu is a veteran of Tim Raue, Coda and Aqua) with wide-eyed curiosity and a zeal for experimentation that never overrides the food itself. You’ll leave buzzing, and not just from all that fermented tea.”

  • UUU, Sprengelstraße 15, Sun-Wed closed, Thu-Sat 7:30-23:00


Cross cultural. Photo: O-Slow https://www.instagram.com/p/CiAtaq6M6Dp/?hl=en

O-Slow might be the only Japanese/Lebanese restaurant in the world. The menu changes daily, so one day it’s muhammara and miso soup, the next it’s tofu and tabbouleh. And the particularly socially conscious among us will be happy to know O-Slow is entirely vegan/vegetarian. They regularly sell out, so don’t dawdle!

  • O-Slow, Schwedenstraße 3B, Sun-Tue closed, Wed-Sat 18:00-21:30

Dal Tokki

Photo Dal Tokki https://www.instagram.com/p/Chjt6vaMaPJ/?hl=en

On Mondays and Tuesday Dal Tokki serves authentic Korean vegan food with a slight modern twist. Thursdays and Fridays used to be Japanese vegan, but they have recently had to close, much to our dismay. In any case, you can still get cheap, plant-based Korean to help you keep those Monday blues at bay.

  • Dal Tokki, Prinzenallee 83, Mon-Tue 12:00-15:00

Le Slam

Photo: instagram.com/cabslam/

Cabslam is now Le Slam. If you have been in Berlin for ~8 years, you will remember their US-style brunches back when they were in Neukölln. Now in fresh new digs, they aren’t limiting themselves to one continent. Instead of breakfast the way Uncle Sam liked it, you are more likely to get soy-meat tostadas, French sausage with butternut squash mash Indian chickpea lentil soup and tempeh topped okonomiyaki.

  • Le Slam, Uferstraße 23, Mon closed, Tue-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat closed, Sun 9:00-17:00

Cafe Pförtner

A wide variety of lunch creations await at Café Pförtner in Wedding. Photo: Valentino Griscioli

Similar to Le Slam in its depth and breadth of culinary inspiration, Pförtner is worth visiting just for the bus. And the decor. Tucked away in an old industrial area, this one is a bit of a hidden gem. Though it used to be where they serviced the BVG busses, this little nook is now filled with students and creatives, probably something to do with Ufer studios. Cafe by day, restaurant by night, there’s something here for everyone.

  • Cafe Pförtner, Uferstraße 8, Uferstr 8 – 11, Mon-Fri 9:00-24:00

Dan Thai

We almost don’t want to include this one on the list. This Thai restaurant is our regular lunch spot and for a while now we have been keeping it secret. We decided that was unfair though, as Dan Thai deserves to have lines around the block. It’s basically just a hole in the wall, but don’t let that fool you. Or do, less time spent waiting for us!

  • Dan Thai, Reinickendorfer Str. 96, 11:00-21:00, Closed Wednesdays.

Cafe Rosa

Italian like you have never had it before. Photo: N. Vancauwenberghe

Sara Lusena is the Milanese matriarch of this gem. Lunch changes daily and never disappoints. It’s a total bargain too, usually around €8 for a bitter-sweet reminder of your last summer holiday. No wonder everyone here is a regular.

  • Cafe Rosa, Torfstraße 23, Open Mon- Fri 12:00-18:00


Authentic Taiwanese at COZYMAZU. Photo: Andrea Zoltanetzky

It styles itself as a teahouse and a restaurant with good reason. If you only order the (admittedly, amazing) food, you are missing out on half of what’s on offer. Don’t skip the oyster omelettes! Those obsessed with ‘authenticity’, what ever that means, will be more than satisfied with this Taiwanese treat.

  • COZYMAZU, Sprengelstraße 39, Open Wed-Sun 17:00-22:00


Photo: Erica Löfman

Who’d have thought that it would be the Finns who would take Neapolitan-ish Pizza to the next level? We certainly didn’t. Completely vegan/vegetarian, this pizza will satisfy even the most steadfast carnivore. Nothing is over €11, and they even offer gluten free dough.

  • Sotto, Neue Hochstraße 25, Open Wed-Sun 16:00-22:00


Cooked to perfection. Photo: Stranero https://www.instagram.com/p/CJjAQXtHh_q/?hl=en

If you insist on having Fleisch on your pizza, then Stranero has got you covered. These guys have been around since before Neapolitan pizza became all the rage, and they don’t look like they are going away any time soon. This neighbourhood favourite are just as beloved for their great (cheap) house wine as they are for their authentic puffy-crusted pizzas.

  • Stranero Liebenwalder Str. 11, Open Tue-Thu 17:00-23:00

Asia Deli

Photo: Asia Deli https://www.instagram.com/p/CCHjY71BuBs/?hl=en.

Just looking at it, it would be easy to dismiss Asia Deli as just another Asian place. In fact, it’s legendary. The ‘red’ menu has been the best kept secret in Wedding for a while now. They do all the classics, in a relatively un-westernised way. The spicy/sour cucumber is a must try.

  • Asia Deli, Seestraße 41, Open daily 12:00-23:00

El Pepe

Escalivada con queso. Photo: El Pepe https://www.instagram.com/p/CeGNi59M2Dm/?hl=en

Berlin’s tapas scene has upped its game in recent years. Whilst there’s still nothing like the real thing, there are a few places that come close. El Pepe has earned its spot among Berlin’s best tapas bars, and is without a doubt the most gunstig. Book in advance if you want to sit outside, but do yourself a favour and ask not to be next to the road!

  • El Pepe, Prinzenallee 25, open 18:00-23:00, closed on Sundays.


Crispy spinach burek at Sarajevo in Wedding: Bosnian cuisine with star appeal. Photo: F. Anthea Schaap

Juicy Ćevapčići with kaymak, thick cream, and spicy ajvar, deliciously buttery burek with countless layers: Bosnian cuisine is not just cooked but celebrated in Sarajevo. Sure, the menu is meat-heavy, but that’s not all that is on offer. The neon-lit diner atmosphere shouldn’t detract from the fact that you can taste some of the best Ćevapčići in Berlin here. Incidentally, star chefs Max Strohe and Tim Raue have also been spotted here once or twice.

  • Sarajevo, Triftstraße 8, open daily 8:00-23:00


DUKKI is a family affair. Photo: N. Vancauberghe.

Also barely more than a hole in the wall, DUKKI has made a name for itself since opening in early 2022. A family business run by Mok-suk Choi who cut her teeth in Stuttgart’s hotel scene. You won’t be paying hotel prices though; Ten gimbap rolls go for a very reasonable €8.50. DUKKI is on a mission to show that Korean dishes don’t need meat to be delicious, and apparently all of Wedding vegetarians/vegans know already; you’ll have to book in advance if you want a seat on the weekend.

  • DUKKI, Burgsdorfstraße 14, open Wed-Sun, 17:30-21:30

Maide Manti

Manti is somewhat like mini ravioli. Photo: Lena Ganssmann

Named after the mini ravioli-like dumpling and a foodie nod to the Quaran’s fifth surah, this is the spot for a cheap eat near Leopoldplatz. Don’t be fooled by the humble shopfront: Wedding born Elif Demerci operates a factory in the back, selling manti under her Maide Manti label to Turkish supermarkets and restaurants all over town. Definitely try the böregi rolls and the kibbeh balls!

  • Maide Manti, Schulstraße 18, Mon-Wed 9:000-16:00, Thu-Sat 9:00-18:00.

Örnek Lahmacun

You may not know it, but the Wedding Örnek Lahmacun location is the OG. From here the gospel of meaty fresh-baked Turkish flatbreads and smoky kebabs spread to Neukölln and Charlottenburg. Berlin Food Stories even rated it as one of the best eateries in Wedding alongside Michelin starred Ernst. If that isn’t praise, we don’t know what is.

  • Örnek Lahmacun, Prinzenallee 80-82, open Sun-Thu 9:00-24:00, Fri-Sat 9:00-01:00.