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The best of the West: Charlottenburg’s top restaurants

Our tasty tips for where to eat in Berlin's Charlottenburg district.

This district in West Berlin is home to some of the city’s best restaurants. Photo: Joynes Kitchen

From Michelin star feasts to comfort food, Charlottenburg has so many options for delicious dining to choose from that the only real problem with trying to eat out there is knowing where to start – until now. Here’s our insider guide to the district’s best restaurants.

Funky Fisch

This Michelin-ranked restaurant reels in customers with delicious seafood. Photo: Clemens Niedenthal

On the search for seafood? Funky Fisch is living up to its Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand with its simple yet unique concept: Seafood is laid out, gutted, cut, portioned, and then tossed on the grill in front of guests’ very eyes. 

But the taste of the food here stands out just as much as its presentation, with Mediterranean herbs and spices being used to create contemporary, mouth-watering meals at moderate prices. 

  • Funky Fisch Kantstr. 135–136, details.

Il Calice

Enjoy tasty Italian cuisine, natural wines and a sunny spot on the terrace at Il Calice. Photo: Il Calice

With its roomy terrace and Mediterranean flair, Il Calice is the ideal spot for outdoor summer dining in the city. It also doesn’t hurt that restaurateur Antonio Bragato’s passion for natural wines pairs perfectly with the restaurant’s authentic Italian cooking. 

Whether you’re having an aperitif at the wine bar or a contemporary meal out on the terrace, you’re in for a relaxing and tasty experience.

  • Il Calice Walter-Benjamin-Platz 4, details


One of the city’s best spots for upscale Levantine cuisine. Photo: Ben Fuchs

Having tasted his way through both the aromas of his native Israel and the panorama of produce shops on Sonnenallee, restaurateur Gal Ben Moshe is serving up innovative and delicious Levantine cuisine at Prism. 

Nothing’s off the table at this Michelin-star restaurant: Foie gras, tahini, French truffles, and Armenian cucumbers are all on the menu. The highlight? We couldn’t choose just one – we recommend you try the grilled lamb, the buttery-soft pulpo, and the home-cured camel pastrami. You can’t go wrong. 

  • Prism Fritschestr. 48, details


Lovis is serving up innovative German cuisine in a 19th Century brick building. Photo: Robert Rieger/©Wilmina

German food can be a hard sell, but Lovis makes it easy. This contemporary, kitsch-free restaurant was formerly a prison, and the uniqueness of its location is matched by chef Sophia Rudolph’s innovative approach to German cooking. From sweet Roscoff onions stuffed with strong gruyère foam in a smooth beurre blanc to pink-grilled onglet packed with more flavour than any rump steak. This menu has character.

893 Ryotei

Japanese-Peruvian cuisine by one of Berlin’s most prolific restaurateurs. Photo: Ryotei 893

Behind the graffiti-covered windows of a former Schlecker-store is the site of prolific Berlin restaurateur The Duc Ngo’s most ambitious culinary project. 839 Ryotei has an unusually long menu and often noticeably illustrious clientele, giving it the atmosphere of a social club. But the food is what makes this hidden gem really shine: Authentic nikkei cooking: a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. 

  • 893 Ryotei Kantstr. 135, details


Cosy atmosphere, creative dishes, classy wines – what’s not to love? Photo: Meineke7 Gastronomie UG

This cosy but classy wine and oyster bar balances tradition and innovation. Chef Max Günther and restaurant manager Antonia Meiffert have crafted a menu that incorporates contemporary influences while maintaining an artisan’s sense of sovereignty. The result? Both intriguing and delicious.

  • Diekmann Meinekestr. 7, details


Owner Arne Anker strives for perfection in every dish. Photo: Sabine Panzer

Regional, seasonal, and conceptual, the cuisine at Brikz is one of a kind. Restaurateur Arne Anker revels in culinary complexity, and it shines through in every playful, multifaceted, surprising and deliciously demanding dish, like fennel with charcoal cream and lovage. But his attention to detail doesn’t stop at the food – the wine list has just as much richness and complexity to offer. 

  • Brikz Grolmanstr. 54/55, details.

Lamazère Brasserie

Lamazère offers fresh Parisian cuisine in a laidback atmosphere. Photo: Lamazère Brasserie

The world of fine dining isn’t all champagne and caviar. Or rather, it mostly is, but that’s the problem: High-end restaurants can come off as elitist, overly formal, and more than a little stiff. Régis Lamazère knows this all too well, between his father’s past as a three-star chef in Paris and his own experience working in service at top-class restaurants. That’s why Lamazère is a little more laidback: What it lacks in pomp it more than makes up for in quality, serving tasty Parisian plates in a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Lamazère Brasserie Stuttgarter Platz 18, details

Neni Berlin

A rooftop meal overlooking West Berlin. Photo: Stephan Lemke

Located on the tenth floor of hotel Bikini Berlin, Neni’s terrace provides one of the prettiest rooftop views in the city. Combined with Haya Molcho’s simple and delicious menu, that makes Neni one of Berlin’s best Israeli restaurants, offering tasty Mediterranean-slash-Levantine cuisine, from hummus to pastrami sandwiches and lamb shoulder.

  • Neni Berlin Budapester Str. 40, details

Le Petit Royal

Tasteful interior design complements Le Petit Royal’s tasty menu. Photo: Stefan Korte

Beautifully decorated to cultivate a sophisticated atmosphere, Le Petit Royal is upscale, original, and full of art while still being lively. Given that it’s owned by the folks who brought you Grill Royale, its menu can be described as the best of the grill with a French twist, making it a great spot for an elegant evening in Charlottenburg.

  • Le Petit Royal Goethestr. 78, details.

Taverne Neféli

Upscale Greek cuisine calls for the finest wines from Crete to Peloponnese – and Taverne Neféli has both. Photo: Taverne Neféli

This restaurant’s upscale atmosphere, vibrant menu, and curated wine selection make it the perfect spot for fine Greek wine-ing and dining: Taverne Neféli features contemporary innovations on classic Greek dishes and wines from Crete to Peloponnese – much of it cultivated by host-slash-sommelier Kiriakos Sarantou himself. Sophisticated yet intimate, this is one of our favourite Greek restaurants in the city.

  • Taverne Neféli Suarezstr. 49, details.

Koshary Lux

The dishes at Koshary Lux are colourful, creative, and above all delicious. Photo: Philipp Külker

Named for a staple of Egyptian cuisine consisting of rice, macaroni, lentils, chickpeas, and lemon-garlic sauce, this restaurant serves North African and Middle Eastern comfort food with an experimental flair. Colourful and creative, Koshary Lux is one of Berlin’s best spots for Muslim food culture

  • Koshary Lux Grolmanstr. 27, details


Red beet Knödel at Österelli. Photo: Österelli

For Alpine eating in the city, Österelli is hard to beat. With a cosy atmosphere and hearty meals, it’s the perfect place for good old Austrian comfort food. From full-bodied red beet or spinach Knödel with nut butter and Parmesan to more variations on Schnitzel than you knew existed. One bite will transport you to the Alpine getaway of your dreams. 

  • Österelli Bismarckstr. 6, details

Restaurant am Steinplatz

This hotel restaurant comes with an inviting courtyard. Photo: Restaurant am Steinplatz

For outdoor dining that still feels intimate, the Hotel am Steinplatz restaurant offers a peaceful and verdant courtyard to complement its modern regional cuisine. Using local, seasonal, and above all fresh ingredients, the menu offers homestyle cooking with a contemporary flair. 

  • Restaurant am Steinplatz Steinplatz 4, details

Chicago Williams BBQ

Dig into classic American comfort food. Photo: Chicago Williams

Barbecuing is all about straightforward, no-frills comfort food, and Chicago Williams BBQ embodies that both in its menu and its atmosphere. Graffiti, tattered furniture, and rolls of paper towels for when you inevitably get barbecue sauce stuck to your fingers all give the space a run-down sort of charm that lets you really dig in. And there’s plenty to dig into, from melt-in-your-mouth chicken and juicy ribs, to classic sides like mash and gravy and mac ‘n cheese. Wash it all down with your choice of whiskey, tequila, beer, and highballs.

  • Chicago Williams BBQ Marburger Str. 16, details


Seasonal and soulful, Lubitsch has something for everyone. Photo: Hiroshi Toyoda

This elegant yet inviting restaurant draws in folks from all walks of life, whether local VIPs, business people, tourists, or your neighbours. Lubitsch’s comfortable ambience and clear passion for European soul food make every bite of their traditional dishes feel exceptional, while its seasonal weekly specials let them keep up with the culinary zeitgeist. Delicious and dependable, it’s easy to see why regulars swear by this restaurant. 

  • Lubitsch Bleibtreustr. 47, details.

Madame Ngo

Madame Ngo has been a trailblazing addition to Kantstraße since it first opened in 2015. Photo: F. Anthea Schaap

Kantstraße is like a mecca for Berlin foodies – and that’s largely because of Madame Ngo. Established in 2015, The Duc Ngo’s Vietnamese restaurant serves the classics with a French twist, with báhn mì with pâté, papaya salad, steak tartare, and duck foie gras. But the highlight is definitely the pho, which simmers in a hundred-litre pot in the window display for at least 12 hours before being served.

  • Madame Ngo Kantstr. 30, details

Paris Bar

A popular haunt for creatives, Paris Bar is rarely this quiet. Photo: Imago/Stefan Zeitz

The mother of all Berlin artist locals, Paris Bar has garnered a legendary reputation over the years since it first opened in 1991 – and it continues to live up to it today. Under the neon lights you can expect to be served top-quality South German and French cuisine in a lively bohemian atmosphere. You may even spot a local celebrity at one of their tables. 

  • Paris Bar Kantstr. 152, details


Modern Greek cooking fit for any occasion. Photo: Kouzina

With a menu full of crowd-pleasers, Kouzina is the place to go if you want a lot of options for good Greek food. They’ve got all the classics: Gyros and bifteki made from top-quality meat, creamy yoghurt, crispy calamari, grilled octopus, and more, guaranteeing a satisfying meal no matter what you’re craving. 

  • Kouzina Else-Ury-Bogen 597, details

Diener Tattersal

This bar-slash-restaurant is over 100 years old, but the food is still as fresh as ever. Photo: Kai von Kotze

If you want a restaurant with history, Diener Tattersal has plenty. Over 100 years old, the restaurant is named after an old boxing rival of Max Schmeling’s, with dozens of signed photos covering the walls to prove it. After WWII, the restaurant became a de facto meeting-point for artists, athletes, and journalists. Now, it’s a favourite among all those with a special fondness for German, Palatine and Austrian home cooking.

  • Diener Tattersall Grolmanstr. 47, details

Bar Brass

Oysters, steak frite, and other French specialties at Bar Brass. Photo: Sarah Berg

The Berlin Skulpturenforum is a landmark of the city’s cultural landscape. But this production centre creates more than just bronzes by Georg Baselitz and the famous Berlinale Bear prizes. The culinary artists at Bar Brass are crafting contemporary French cuisine, from oysters to steak frite, alongside a carefully curated wine list, of course.

  • Bar Brass Am Spreebord 9, details


This Austrian restaurant continues to live up to its stellar reputation. Photo: White Kitchen

Some say Nussbaumerin is the best Austrian restaurant in town – and its Bib Gourmand ranking seems to confirm that glowing reputation. It doesn’t hurt that the restaurant helpfully provides an German-Austrian dictionary alongside its menu in case you haven’t quite mastered the dialect. 

But what it really comes down to is lovingly-prepared classics like backhendl, wiener schnitzel, and apricot-knödel – crowd-pleasers at their very best. 

  • Nussbaumerin Leibnizstr. 55, details

Joynes Kitchen

Joynes Kitchen is here to prove French food is delicious even when it’s not highbrow. Photo: Joynes Kitchen

Straightforward, hearty cooking in a brasserie-pub atmosphere: That’s what Joynes Kitchen stands for. Down-to-earth deliciousness, the food here is rich in classic French flavours, best exemplified in the restaurant’s duroc pork-neck combined with a boudin noir. 

  • Joynes Kitchen Mommsenstr. 42, details


Tasty South German cuisine on a sunlit street corner by the Lietzensee. Photo: Engelbecken

This quaint restaurant on a corner by the Lietzensee is a local favourite, setting the benchmark in Berlin for South German and alpine cooking as well as atmosphere. Alongside classic pork roasts and schnitzel, they also have a variety of vegetarian options, making it a popular summer spot for outdoor dining. 

  • Engelbecken Witzlebenstr. 31, details

Kurpfalz Weinstuben

This rustic restaurant has an extensive wine collection of about 700 bottles. Photo: Kurpfalz Weinstuben

This locale specialises in classic Palatinate stews, sauerkraut, and saumagen, but they’ve recently added ambitious daily specials to the menu. Pair their hearty German dishes with your choice of wine from their impressive collection of over 60 wines. 

  • Kurpfalz Weinstuben Wilmersdorfer Str. 93, details

This article was adapted from the German by Seraina Birdsey.