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The best Currywurst in Berlin 

Sausage, ketchup, curry powder. Berlin's iconic fast food is as delicious as it is simple. So where can you get the best currywurst in Berlin - mit oder ohne?

It’s Berlin’s iconic fast food – but who does it best? Photo: IMAGO/Schöning

Besides the Brandenburg Gate, the Fernsehturm or Berghain, is there anything more Berlin than Currywurst?

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Invented in Charlottenburg by Imbiss owner Herta Heuwer, it was originally served in 1949 from her booth on Kantstraße, corner of Kaiser-Friedrichstraße. Now world famous, here is our list of the best places to get your fix.

Curry 36

Curry 36 on Mehringdamm is probably one of the best-known addresses for currywurst in Berlin. Photo: Imago/Joko

Curry 36 is probably the most important and iconic currywurst stand in Berlin. Mehringdamm in Kreuzberg is crowded day and night with people queuing for this legendary Berlin dish or it’s multi-kulti competition down the road, Mustafa’s Gemüse kebab. A currywurst at Curry 36 in Kreuzberg is not only delicious, but also a social experience, with locals and tourists alike travelling from all over the city to enjoy it. The vegan version is also delicious.

  • Curry 36 Mehringdamm 36, Kreuzberg; Hardenbergplatz 9, Charlottenburg, S-Bahn station Warschauer Str.; Hauptbahnhof, Mitte, details.

Berlin Currywurst

Berliner Currywurst, a rustic classic. Photo: Imago/Kraft

If you are in Mitte and visiting  Museum Island, you can get a classic currywurst under the S-Bahn tracks near the Pergamon Museum. You probably won’t run into many locals there, but that’s not to say the food isn’t good! 

  • Berliner Currywurst Berliner Str. 11, Mitte.

Zum Würfel II

Above all, it has to taste good: Imbiss Zum Würfel II. Photo: Imago/Jürgen Ritter

Two Berlin classics come together here, the Currywurst and singer Frank Zander. The Neukölln born entertainer (who sings the Hertha anthem btw) is also famous for his activism. He was integral not only to the movement that saved the Raucherkneipe but also to save the Reinickendorfer Imbiss Zum Würfel II (Cube). Since then Zander is now a co-operator and was involved in the development of the sauce. You don’t often come to this remote corner in Reinickendorf, but the currywurst is worth it if you do!

  • Zum Wuerfel II Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 123, Reinickendorf, details.

Konnopke’s Imbiss

Berlin, August 25th, 2017: Konnopkes Imbiss, also known as Konnopke, is a snack bar in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin. Photo: Imago/imagebroker

Another classic among the currywurst stands in Berlin, it’s fair to call Konnopke’s Imbiss an institution that attracts Berliners, tourists and celebrities alike. Currywurst has been sizzling here since 1960, prepared according to a secret recipe. The old Imbiss was demolished, but the style of the new building is based on its predecessor. Interestingly, vegan and vegetarian curry sausages have long been on offer. Keep an eye out for Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and his wife Soyeon Schröder-Kim, they like to pop in here from time to time. 

  • Konnopke’s Imbiss Schönhauser Allee 44b, Prenzlauer Berg, details.

Curry & Chili

“Men can still cry here”: Curry & Chili. Photo: Imago/Schöning

Currywurst in Wedding? Curry & Chili is far and away your best option. On the corner of Osloer Straße and Prinzenallee is the spot for an extra spicy variation of the Berlin classic. The owners decided long ago to steer into their spicy reputation, and eventually hung a “Berlin’s spiciest snack bar” sign above their store. They then followed it up with one that says “Men are still allowed to cry here”. Progressive. They’ve also kept up with the times, offering meatless alternatives.

  • Curry & Chili Osloer Str./ corner of Prinzenallee, Wedding, details.

Curry Wolf

Four locations now! Curry Wolf in Lichtenrade. Photo: Imago/Schöning

At four Berlin locations, Curry Wolf offers a currywurst with a sauce that is said to be addictive, probably why they named it ‘Opium’. If you want to take the treat home with you, you can get the currywurst in a glass. A nice souvenir for non-Berliners, not sure I’d ever crack it open though!

  • Curry Wolf, Unter den Linden 77, center; Rankestr./Ku’Damm, Charlottenburg; Rehagener Str./corner of Bahnhofstr., Lichtenrade; Schlossstr. 17a, Steglitz, details.

Witty’s Imbiss

Currywurst in Berlin? Witty’s will sort you out. Photo: Imago/Schöning

Organic and healthy: that’s the trademark of Witty’s Imbiss, which takes currywurst culture to a new level at their three locations. All sausages and the side dishes are certified organic. The meatballs in the bun are excellent, as is the crunchy Viennese option. And if you are feeling adventurous, try it with satay sauce. 

  • Witty’s Imbiss Wittenbergplatz 5, Schöneberg, Friedrichstr.(under the S-Bahn bridge) Mitte, Witty’s at BER, Terminal 1, Edeka-Center Schmargendorf, Wiesbadener Str., details.

Zur Bratpfanne

Currywurst has been served with the frying pan in Berlin since the Herta Heuwer era. Photo: Imago/Joko

Since 1949 – the era of the legendary currywurst inventor Herta Heuwer – fast food has been served out of the window hatch on Schlossstraße in Steglitz, including meatballs, fries and of course currywurst in many variations.

  • Zur Bratpfanne, Schlossstr./corner of Kieler Str., Steglitz, details.

Krasselt’s Currywurst

Krasselt’s Currywurst has been around for half a century. Photo: Imago/Schöning

Krasselt’s Imbiss has also been around for over half a century, but before that it was a mobile food truck. The currywurst here has often been voted the best in town. That’s a matter of taste of course, but the currywurst is terrific and the ketchup is in a league of its own! “The ketchup tastes so good, I’d eat it with a spoon”, is the opinion of one satisfied customer who would like to remain anonymous. 

  • Krasselt’s Currywurst, Steglitzer Damm 22, Steglitz, details.


Controversial, but the atmosphere makes up for it. Photo: Photo: Imago/Joko

Haseneck is quite controversial. Not everyone likes the sausage served from the beautiful pavilion on Savignyplatz. However, we find that the atmosphere here makes up for a lot. It’s iconic, small and quintessentially Berlin. Personally we think Berliners just enjoy complaining. This is a solid alternative to the many Asian restaurants on Kantstraße, if you can’t handle spice. 

  • Hasenecke, Kantstr./Savignyplatz, Charlottenburg.

Curry Baude

Just a hole in the wall, but it’s absolutely delicious. Photo: @currybaude.berin

Blink and you will miss it. Curry Baude is basically just a window at S+U Gesundbrunnen. A local favourite, here you will get not only a traditional Berliner currywurst, but also traditional Berliner Schnauze. 

  • Curry Baude, Badstr. 1-5, Gesundbrunnen, details.