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Something sweet?

The best cakes in Berlin: Tarts, cheesecakes, pastries and pies

It might be a pâtisserie, konditorei, cakes shop or cafe, but no matter whether these stores serve creamy raspberry cream cakes or juicy poppy seed strudel, they're guaranteed to brighten your day.

In the Pâtisserie Jubel, the name says it all

The cakes are great, and the coffee too! Photo: Caroline Prange Photography

For those who aren’t fluent German speakers, Jubel means cheer/jubilation, and oh my god does Patisserie Jubel give anyone who loves sweets every reason to celebrate. There used to be a butcher’s shop at Hufelandstraße 10 in Prenzlauer Berg, but nowadays, Kai Michels and Lucie Friedrichs conjure up delicate tartlets, cupcakes and tarts that taste even better than they look. They also serve excellent coffee! 

  • Jubel – fine Pâtisserie Hufelandstrasse 10, Prenzlauer Berg, Tue–Sun 11:00.–18:00, Tel. 030/55 21 61 50, online

Martin’s Place: Cake inspiration from Israel and Austria

Fantastic cakes and tarts at Martin’s Place. Photo: Martin’s Place

He learned the craft of patisserie in Israel and has already worked at Sacher in Vienna: Joseph Martin’s cakes are small works of art. Three years ago he opened his cake factory in Neukölln as a family business. Fresh ingredients, traditional craftsmanship and a love of experimentation is his philosophy, which leads to unusual creations such as lime cream tart or poppy seed pear with French chocolate. If you want to try something typically Israeli, we recommend the sesame cake with pistachios.

  • Martin’s Place Pannierstrasse 29, Neukölln, Thurs–Sun 11:00–17:00, Tel. 030/28 87 91 79, online

Dilekerei: A fairytale cake dream comes true

Dilekerei enchants with its fabulously beautiful pastries, from cakes and tarts to other little things to feast on. Photo: Dilekerei

Biscuits with delicate paintings, cakes like in a picture book: Dilek Topkara’s creations are really almost too beautiful to be eaten. Nearly. Because it would be a shame not to try those multi-tiered, juicy cream cakes with fresh berries, the small tartlets with fruit or nuts and of course these downright artistically designed biscuits.

Topkara is actually a food scientist, but during a research trip in England, she discovered a love of practice, more precisely of the sophisticated art of cakes. You can taste what a stroke of luck that is for Berlin every weekend in the café next to the bakery.

  • Dilekerei Eulerstr. 11b, Wedding, Sun 12:00-18:00, Tel. 030/92 90 01 22, online

Konditorei Buchwald: Baumkuchen in a family tradition

An institution in Berlin: Baumkuchen from Konditorei Buchwald

Konditorei Buchwald: a Berlin institution for Baumkuchen. Photo: Dana Stenner/Konditorei Buchwald

The Baumkuchen bakery was founded in 1852 in Cottbus, and since then five generations have guarded the secret family recipe, now it is master confectioner Andrea Tönges’ turn. In addition to Cottbusser-style variants with lots of marzipan, traditional Baumkuchen with icing and dark ones with couverture, the range of this Berlin institution includes well over 60 exquisite tarts and cakes.

  • Konditorei Buchwald Bartningallee 29, Tiergarten, daily 11:00-19:00, Tel. 030/391 59 31, online

Five Elephant: The best New York Cheesecake in Berlin?

Cheesecake heaven at Five Elephant in Kreuzberg, the best cheesecake in Berlin. Photo: Thomas Meyer/Ostkreuz

The New York Cheesecake at Five Elephant is unbeatable. Photo: Thomas Meyer/Ostkreuz

In the series of Berlin coffee roasters, Five Elephants is one of the established players. But the really very good coffee fades into a minor matter when compared to the fantastic New York Cheesecake. You can find it in the roastery on Reichenberger Straße as well as in the branch in Mitte. And if you need something sweet after a classy shopping tour, you will also find it at KaDeWe.

    Five Elephant

  • Kreuzberg, Reichenberger Straße 101, Mon–Fri 8:00-18:00, Sat+Sun 9:00-18:00, Tel. 030/96 08 15 27
  • Mitte, Alte Schönhauser Straße, 13/14, Mon–Fri 9:00-18:00, Sat+Sun 10:00–18:00, Tel. 030/28 48 43 20
  • Prenzlauer Berg Kollwitz Straße 98, Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00, Sat+Sun 10:00–18:00
  • KaDeWe Schöneberg, Tauentzienstraße 21–24, Mon–Sat 10:00–19:00 online

Du Bonheur: Pâtisserie à la française

Croissants, Maccarons and Tartelettes at Du Bonheur in Mitte. Photo: Du Bonheur/Jörg Lehmann

Du Bonheur is known for the best croissants in town and for the many small baked tartlets and tartlets and the great macarons that are finally not sugar-coated. Great, flavorful craft. Very nice, very French shop on the outskirts of Mitte.

  • Du Bonheur Brunnenstraße 39, Mitte, Thu–Fri 9:00–19:00, Sat+Sun 9:00-18:00, Tel. 030/56 59 19 55, online

Princess Cheesecake lives up to her name

Princess Cheesecake’s cake is way too good to be true. Photo: Katy Otto

Refined cakes, tarts and small dishes in organic quality are available in the modern, beautifully furnished, bright café. Here at Princess Cheesecake, Conny Suhr is the cheesecake princess. She has been offering New York cheesecake and Rhenish cheesecake since 2011. Two cakes from two worlds, united by honest, subtly sour curd from the eco-village of Brodowin.

Princess Cheesecake

  •  Mitte, Tucholskystrasse 37, Mitte, daily 10:00 to 20:00, Tel. 030/28 09 27 60, 
  • Charlottenburg Knesebeckstrasse 32, Charlottenburg, Mon–Fri 11:00 18:00, Sat+Sun 11:00–19:00, Tel. 030/88 62 58 70 online

Tarts to feast on and chocolates to gift at Olivia’s

In addition to delicious pastries, Olivia also offers shelves full of decorative treats that make great gifts. Photo: Olivia – Tartes & Chocolates

Furnishings and cakes are very similar: sweet, sweet, sweet! Ornate tables and chairs await the neighborhood crowd and lovers of French pastry shops. The owner, Olivia Kaufmann, bakes countless variations of tarts herself and is constantly expanding her range with all sorts of smaller delicacies that you should definitely try.

  • Olivia Wühlischstraße 30, Friedrichshain, Mon–Sat 12:00–19:00, Sun 13:00–18:00, Tel. 030/60 50 03 68, online

Café Neundrei: Full of flavor without animal products

Café Neundrei has a completely vegan range of cakes – which is definitely worth it. Photo: Cafe Neudrei

Attention vegans! The creations of Café Neundrei in Mitte are not only beautiful but they are also 100 percent vegan! The creations not only look super Instagrammable, they also melt incredibly deliciously on the tongue. All the sweeter when you know it’s cruelty free. 

  • Café Neundrei Monbijouplatz 2, Mitte, Mon–Fri 8:00-18:00, Sat 9:00–6, Sundays, take away only, 10:00-16:00, online

From sheet cakes to cream cakes at Der Kuchenladen

Der Kuchenladen produces around 30 new creations and classics every day, from sheet cakes to tarts, from cream cakes to cupcakes and fruit cakes. Photo: Der Kuchenladen

A shop that would make anyone happy: the Charlottenburger cake shop offers cakes and tarts from all over the world. Every day around 30 new creations and classics from sheet cakes to tarts, from cream cakes to cupcakes and fruit cakes await those with a sweet tooth.

  • Der Kuchenladen Kantstraße 138, Charlottenburg, MonSun 10:00.-20:00, Tel. 030/3101 8424, online

Baked goods from the Domberger Brotwerk

The Domberger Brotwerk doesn’t just do bread: the cinnamon rolls are deliciously fluffy. Photo: Domberger Brotwerk

Frank Domberger lets his sourdough rest for more than 24 hours. In technical jargon, this is called dough guidance. Apparently what then happens in the sourdough is “pure magic”. Whether or not there is any sorcery involved we are certain that this is one of the tastiest bakeries in Berlin. The range in the Domberger Brot-Werk is clear. But very important: the wonderful sheet cakes with or without seasonal fruit have brought this cake variety back into fashion.  

Domberger Brotwerk

  • Bakery Essener Straße 11, Moabit, Mon 15:00-18:30, Tue-Thu 8:00-18:30, Fri 8:00-18:00, Sat 8:00-13:00, Tel. 030/39 84 01 61
  • Stand in Markthalle 9 Pücklerstraße 34, Kreuzberg, Tue–Fri 12:00–18:00, Sat+Sun 10:00–18:00
  • Booth in Tegel Ziekowstraße 112-114, Tegel, Tue-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-13:00 online

Café Einstein Stammhaus: Cakes with a Berlin tradition

The apple strudel at Café Einstein Stammhaus is said to be particularly good. But with the variety of the finest tarts and cakes, you can hardly go wrong. Photo: Anna Blancke

The Einstein Stammhaus (not to confused with the Starbucks-style coffee chain) is one of the most beautiful and well-kept Viennese coffee house in the city. They offer everything from melange to Wiener Schnitzel. Most importantly though, a wide selection of tarts, cakes and the famous apple strudel. Come for the professional service staff, white aprons and all, stay for the celebrity spotting and the quiet, large garden behind the villa.

  • UPDATE: the Einstein Stammhaus was closed in November 2022 for refurbishments, expected to last a year-and-a-half!
  • Café Einstein Stammhaus Kurfürstenstraße 58, Tiergarten, daily 9:00-23:00, Tel. 030/263 91 90, online