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Ushido – A Japanese feast for the senses

Ushido brings the art of Japanese grilling to Berlin: it’s the first yakiniku restaurant in the capital. Yakiniku (“grilled meat”) stands for beef of the highest quality that develops a unique aroma through a particularly gentle cooking process.

Beef of the highest quality that develops a unique aroma through a particularly gentle cooking process (Photo: Ushido)

It starts at the entrance: Ushido takes guests on a journey to Japan. What begins with the design of the room continues in the striking politeness and friendliness of the staff. Finally, it unfolds in the artfully arranged grill plates that the guests prepare themselves at their table grill.

“We are an experience restaurant,” says part-owner Yuki Sato. And this experience appeals to all the senses: Wagyu meat, the best and most expensive beef in the world, is characterised by a wonderful white-red marbling. Cut into wafer-thin slices and arranged in a small bowl to form a rose, it becomes a culinary work of art.

The gas grill integrated into the tabletop cooks the meat very slowly, thus preserving valuable ingredients and ensuring an optimal grilling result. Dipped in salt, lemon or homemade marinades, the meat melts on the tongue – a real treat for the palate.

The Ushido experience restaurant appeals to all the senses (Photo: Ushido)

Yuki Sato wants to give his guests a carefree experience of pleasure. That’s why he optimises the processes that go on behind the scenes so that guests notice them as little as possible. He also tries to automate as many processes as possible. “I’m a big fan of digital processes,” he says, “because it saves valuable time, which can then go back into personal and warm service.”

For Sato, it is precisely these invisible processes that ensure that guests leave their restaurant with a smile and, ideally, look back fondly on their stay at Ushido for a long time to come. And paying plays a big role in this. That is why he has placed luca-Pay QR codes on the tables, with which the guests can pay completely autonomously: They scan the code with luca and see their bill total in the app. Via preset percentages, they add the tip they want to give and complete the payment digitally. If a guest wants to go to the cinema quickly after the meal or has to catch his plane, he doesn’t need to wait for the service staff. He scans, pays immediately and can leave when he wants. Perhaps this leaves time for a short farewell chat with the staff, who see the successful payment in the POS system at the same time.

Sato: “All restaurateurs have to struggle with resources: time, space, staff. luca hits a nerve there. It helps me to further streamline processes. That’s the future!” The enjoyment experience at Ushido is thus not disturbed by any waiting or problems with a card reader.

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Convenient payment at many Berlin restaurants

You can already pay with luca Pay in many Berlin restaurants and bars. If you no longer have the app, simply download it from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). As soon as you have scanned your first QR code, you can enter your contact details and the desired payment method. Then you’re ready to go. Have fun feasting, discovering and paying!