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  • With Luca Pay at Zimt & Zucker: Enjoy in peace, pay with ease


With Luca Pay at Zimt & Zucker: Enjoy in peace, pay with ease

Guests at Zimt & Zucker café enjoy special snacks in the relaxed atmosphere of a 1920s coffee house. With Luca Pay, they can now also pay contactless without having to whip out a debit or credit card.

More time for you: That’s possible if you simply pay with Luca Pay. For example, at Zimt & Zucker. Photo: Zimt & Zucker

Luca Pay: Pay simply

“With Luca Pay, I have time for my real job,” says owner Sandra Zink. “I can be there for you, I can be your host.” The cosy feeling that arises in Zimt & Zucker with its cosy furniture and warm staff is not disturbed when paying: a QR code is printed out with the receipt. The guest scans it with the app, selects one of the preset tip percentages and, in no time at all, payment is complete.

That special something

This fits in perfectly with the concept of Sandra Zink and her partner Christiane Wotzka: to make guests feel at home. In this warm atmosphere, they serve breakfast plates that bear the names of dances: Foxtrot, Rumba, Tango de Luxe. The fresh ingredients also make wraps, cakes, pancakes and crêpes real treats. The same goes for the homemade lemonades and smoothies, which are then called “Berry” or “Immune Booster” and taste – or work – just the same. A contemporary wine selection rounds it all off.

Located on Potsdamer Strasse, this coffee house combines art nouveau, fresh spirit, tradition and Berlin chic. Photo: Cinnamon & Sugar

Art Nouveau and Berlin Chic

Zimt & Zucker is an enrichment for the trendy Potsdamer Straße. After visiting galleries or designer shops, it’s a good place to pause and recharge. Sandra Zink sees her coffee house “located somewhere between art nouveau, fresh spirit, tradition and Berlin chic.” There are also readings and exhibitions. Regulars meet tourists, newspaper readers meet families. The place is a haven of peace in the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood.

Time and lightness

The cinnamon and sugar team wants to give guests a little time out from everyday life. “We are hosts,” says Sandra Zink, “caretakers, listeners and providers of ideas. To ensure that this time-out remains as relaxed as possible, processes are important that give the guest a feeling of ease. Time is an important factor here. And the speed with which a payment is processed via Luca Pay gives the staff more time to talk to the guests, recommend a speciality of the house or even give a tip for the rest of their stay in Berlin.

Such smooth processes save guests longer waiting times when ordering and paying. Since Luca Pay does not require card readers, there are also fewer complications during the payment process.

Those who don’t have the app download it and enter their payment information once. Then it’s simply a matter of scanning the QR code, adding a tip and you’re done. And on the same evening, you can pull out your smartphone again and enjoy your meal in complete relaxation. Perhaps the best steak in Berlin at The Grand on Alexanderplatz, modern French cuisine at Diekmann in Charlottenburg – culinary Berlin is simply as versatile as Luca Pay simply is.