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luca Pay at the Sissi: How to pay at the Empress’ place

"Sissi is a concept," says Martin Hartmann - founder and owner of Austrian restaurant Sissi. Said concept consists of no-frills cuisine and casual, personal service. And recently, there’s also the possibility to pay at your own table using luca Pay.

In order to have more time for the guests, the Sissi relies on luca Pay. Photo: Sissi

luca Pay at the Sissi: Cosmopolitan yet traditional

Just as in the life of the legendary Austrian empress, opposites attract at the Sissi restaurant: bright pink wallpaper and porcelain ceiling chandeliers meet down-to-earth classics such as Vorarlberger Kässpätzle, Viennese goulash with homemade bread dumplings or a Brettljaus’n with lots of cheese, ham and sausage from Austrian suppliers.

The unifying element is the chef Martin Hartmann himself: cordial, cosmopolitan and traditional, yet a connoisseur through and through. The cuisine of the Sissi is characterised by his style. It tastes as if everything has been prepared on the huge wood-burning oven of an old Tyrolean farmhouse – vegetables from the field behind the house and meat from the restaurant’s own slaughterhouse. At the same time, the restaurant’s concept is not backward-looking, but fully contemporary and an integral part of Schöneberg’s rainbow culture.

At Sissi you get original Austrian cuisine. Photo: Sissi

Focus on optimal service

Families, couples, pensioners and party goers feast at the Sissi tables. In addition to the classic menu, there are also seasonal dishes that change every two to three weeks, such as asparagus or, during the Christmas season, Burgenland duck with red cabbage. Founded as a delicatessen with a lunch menu and converted into a restaurant in response to repeated customer requests, Sissi has remained completely focused on the needs of its customers. “Our job,” says Martin Hartmann, “is to identify the wishes that the guest himself doesn’t yet know about: that’s service.”

Sissi: More time for people

The restaurant consists of the small guest room with cast-iron stove on the ground floor, a spacious outdoor area and a belle étage with two rooms where there is also space for family and company celebrations. All dishes are also available to take away and the Sissi online shop offers Kraftbrühen, Styrian pumpkin soup and Viennese goulash soup or the Zwetschkenröster, a plum jam with a hint of lemon. The guests decide how and where they want to feast. On top of these comforts, Hartmann and his team rely on luca Pay to ensure customers can pay exactly how they want.

Just as the monarch who gave the restaurant its name had an open ear for the wishes and needs of the people, the Sissi team wants to gear the processes in the restaurant to the needs of its customers: There is a QR code on every Sissi table. This code contains the bill amount for the table in question, which guests can call up and pay at any time by scanning it, without having to wait for service staff. The waiters thus save one or more ways and have more time for the personal wishes of the customers. “With luca Pay, we can serve guests better,” says Hartmann, “we have more time for people.”

Get 20 per cent off your bill

Anyone who downloads the app or pays with luca Pay for the first time will receive a one-time 20 per cent discount (maximum amount: 100 euros) on their total bill at a restaurant or bar of their choice until 31 August, provided they pay with luca Pay. And not only that: when you choose your tip amount, luca doubles the amount – you only pay the amount you choose.

Convenient payment in many Berlin restaurants

You can already pay with luca Pay in many Berlin restaurants and bars. If you no longer have the app, simply download it from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). As soon as you have scanned your first QR code, you can enter your contact details and the desired payment method. Then you’re ready to go. Have fun feasting, discovering and paying!

  • Sissi Motzstraße 34, Schöneberg, Mon-Sun 5pm-2.30pm, www.sissi-berlin.de