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  • Where to eat in Schöneberg: Breakfasts, bistros and bulgogi


Where to eat in Schöneberg: Breakfasts, bistros and bulgogi

From luxury breakfaststo one of Berlin's most popular Chinese spots, our list of the best restaurants in Schöneberg contains multitudes.

You’ve got to get the cucumber salad. Photo: Da Jia Le

De Jia Le

If you are curious about Northern style Chinese cuisine you have to check out De Jia Le. The five colour salad is a stand-out dish: a delicious combination of noodles, cucumbers, egg, scallions, wood-ear mushrooms in an unforgettable pea-nutty sauce. Want something to drink with that? They have a good range of craft beers to accompany all of their Dongbei dishes.


Pizzas with special dough, creative antipasti and homemade ice cream: Sironi is more than just a pizza place. Photo: Sironi

If you’ve been in Berlin longer than a month, you’ve probably dropped in to Markthalle Neun at some point. Whilst there you almost certainly came across Sironi bakery, (the best Italian bakery in the city, at least according to our food editor) But did you know owner Alfredo Sironi has expanded into the Pizza game? There is more than that on the menu though. Leave room for appetisers like friggitelli, roasted peppers with breadcrumbs and fennel, and a scoop of the homemade pistachio ice cream for dessert.

  • Sironi – La Pizza Goltzstr. 36, details.


Just a few doors down from Da Jia Le lies another one of Berlin’s unmissable asian experiences: Hodori is perhaps the go-to restaurant for any Korean in town. You’ll even sometimes see whole tour buses stopping outside, and Korean tourists filing into this restaurant, eager for a taste of home. Be warned: you don’t come here for the finest ingredients or chic ambience, you come with a big group ready to feast. Order tabletop bulgogi, ketchup-covered fried chicken and wash it down with soju and beer.

  • Hodori Goebenstr. 16, Schöneberg


Authentic dishes from all regions of Italy can be discovered in this Schöneberg restaurant. Photo: Cosimo Bellanova

Southern Italian, Antonio Lagalante cooks his way through various Italian regions with fresh ingredients and authenticity. Having grown up helping his parents to harvest and cultivate their fields, Lagalante has a deep passion for the fruits of nature. The dishes, such as beef rolls stuffed with Grana Padana in a spicy tomato sauce, change mostly daily depending on seasonality and availability. There is an excellent list of wines to accompany the often surprisingly simple (but nonetheless delicious) menu.

  • Lagalante, Grunewaldstraße 82, details.

Frühstück 3000

Yes, you can enjoy a cheddar waffle with crispy chicken, chilli-bacon caramel and herb salad at Frühstück 3000, if that’s your thing. Photo: Breakfast 3000

Berlin emerged from lockdown with a hunger for the luxe life – even at breakfast. Whilst you will have to splash a bit of cash to enjoy a meal at Frühstück 3000, that’s the price of extreme hedonism (you can add a few grams of Imperial Auslese sturgeon roe to the Eggs Benedict, because why the hell not?) The home-made focaccia is excellent: and the range of their dishes is boundless, from tonka bean pancakes and shakshuka. Personally, we go all-American and order the chicken waffle.

  • Frühstück 3000 Bülowstraße 101, details.

Cantine Augusta

It’s a slice of France in Schöneberg: rustic décor and warm atmosphere, run by Sébastien Gorius. At Cantine d’Augusta, named after Gorius’ late Oma, foodies can rejoice in pungent cheeses, any number of cured cold cuts and over 100 wines. A wine bar and grocery store in one, it offers cold cuts from Basque or Alpine villages and some of the best French cheeses in town, either to-go or by the plate with butter, a French baguette and real cornichons. If that isn’t enough to satiate you francophiles out there, try these stores around Berlin, or read our interview with the man himself!

  • Cantine Augusta, Langenscheidtstr. 6/6a, details.

Sardinen Bar

Canned fish is often underestimated. At Sardinen.Bar it is the centre of the menu. Photo: Marla Studio

Thomas Vetter always loved working with fish during his career working at some of the best restaurants in the world. On a holiday in Lisbon, impressed by the quality of the canned sardines there, he decided Berlin’s gastronomy scene was ready for a taste of the Portuguese (and French) coast. But don’t stress, it’s not standard supermarket stuff; Sardinen Bar sources the best of the best from small family run businesses. Whether it’s sardines, vintage sardines, tuna or other seafood delicacies, expect some salad and a baguette on the side, as well as wines and spirits from Germany, France and Portugal.

  • Sardinien Bar, Grunewaldstraße 79, details.

Taverna Ouisa

It’s not for nothing that Taverna Ousia is one of the best known Greek restaurants in the city. This place is crammed every evening because the service is excellent, has a warm atmosphere and serves tasty sharing plates ranging from tarama to keftedes to garides. Wanting to revive mezedes/orektika (essentially Greek tapas) the Taverna Ouisa team decided the only way to cure their intense nostalgia for this forgotten art was to do it themselves. Kali Orexi! Love Greek food? Try these.

  • Taverna Ousia Grunewaldstraße 54, details.


One of our favourite pizzerias in town. Photo: Malafemmena

Giant blue neon letters announce “In Bufala we trust” when you step into the trattoria Malafemma. The philosophy is thin crusts and 60-90 seconds in the oven here. There are around 20 kinds of pizza to choose from, including the Margherita. You can also order more ‘refined’ Italian fare, like grilled scarmoza with roasted artichoke hearts and loup de mer with lemon-flavoured potatoes. Don’t skip the potato/parmesan croquettes! Keen on Pizza? Check out our tips here. Vegan pizza you say? Here you go. A Neapolitan purest are you? Here then.

Carlos Tapas Bar

Top view delicious plate of dumplings and empanadas on a black table inside a kitchen OlgaVila_StuffedTurnovers_6.jpg Copyright: xOlgaxVilax

Sure you could argue it’s not real tapas with this much of an Argentinian influence. It doesn’t change how good it tastes though. This Schöneberg gem is the place to go if you want to gorge on Argentinian empanadas, stuffed dough pockets filled with all kinds of goodies (our favourites: ground beef, spinach and tuna) alongside a full Spanish tapas menu, washed down with an ice-cold San Miguel beer. Make a reservation, and come hungry! Love tapas? Have you tried these places?

  • Carlos Tapas Bar Eisenacher Str. 69, details.

Rocket & Basil

Photo: Becca Crawford

Ok – so maybe this is technically Tiergarten, but it’s right on the border and the cooking is too delicious not to include it. In addition to the sandwiches, salads, porridge and cakes you’d expect from this kind of airy, mint-green space, Rocket & Basil’s menu stars two hot lunch specials a week, one with meat, one vegetarian. Both are loving recreations of traditional Persian stews (or memorable interpretations of them) packed with herbs and spices and served over tahdig (saffron rice with a crunchy crust).

  • Rocket & Basil, Lützkowstraße 22, details.