Rice In

Friedrichshain's only onigiri restaurant is no fluke with the Japanese snacks being freshly made right in front of you. Other options on the menu allow greenies to avoid copius amount of plastic packaging, so there is something for everyone here.

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Friedrichshain’s only restaurant to serve onigiri offers six versions of the snack; we recommend the salmon or egg salad (€2.70-3.50).

The fillings are spread evenly between two neat rice layers and wrapped into a triangle of nori.

Here, the onigiri are made to order, so the fillings are fresh and the ratio between sticky rice and filling is pleasant.

The snack turns into a meal when you order a side of edamame (€2.50) or avocado salad (€3.50).

If you can’t figure out how to unfold your onigiri or you’re just not into plastic-wrapped food, order from the sushi menu or try one of the don rice bowl dishes.