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  • Long noodles, longer lines: Bang Bang Handpulled Noodles


Long noodles, longer lines: Bang Bang Handpulled Noodles

Berlin has a new noodle joint in the form of Bang Bang Handpulled Noodles, but are these noodles really worth the hype?

Photo: Marianne Renella

It’s not just the noodles that are extra long at Bang Band Handpulled Noodles. It’s also the lines.

Chinese Biang Biang noodles are enjoying a moment in the foodie spotlight. Known for their thickness and vast length, these chewy belts of dough are both delicious and flavorful. They’ve officially been *a thing* in Berlin for some time, but now a small store in Mehringdamm named themselves after them.

Bang Bang Handpulled noodles is a tiny restaurant, but it packs some big flavours. With racks of sauce bottles prominently displayed and a intimate space, this location will inevitably draw comparisons with that other hyped-up vendor of handpulled noodles, Wen Cheng.

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Actually, this is the first physical restaurant for the team. Before opening Bang Bang, they made their name running a ghost kitchen for a delivery business on Petersburger Straße in Friedrichshain. 

But don’t mistake this first physical restaurant as a show of inexperience. When it comes to handpulled noodles, these guys know what they’re doing. Bang Bang does offer a few starters like bao buns, but it’s the wheat noodles that keep their lines stretching out the door. 

The Biang Biang Tofu Special comes with deep-fried, (but cold) pieces of tofu and a vegetarian broth that is pleasantly oily and wonderfully spicy (and all for 15.90 euros).

It’s the Biang Biang with Beyond Meat mince that’s the showstopper though (and also available with real minced meat). The noodles, which manage to be both firm and slurpy, are coated in a rich sesame sauce with garlic, spring onions, chilies, fresh coriander and roasted peanuts. It is a comforting mountain of noodles that is surprisingly light on the stomach.

It’s obvious why Biang Biang and Bang Bang’s handpulled noodles are having a moment. Even if the lines are long, these noodles  may be worth the wait. 

  • Bang Bang Handpulled Noodles, Mehringdamm 51, Kreuzberg; Instagram