Kosher Classy

The kosher classroom isn't easy on the wallet, but what it lacks in affordability it more than makes up in healthy, delicious dishes. The brunch menu (€39.50 per head) includes light, creamy soups, fragrant "Israeli salad" and the great hummus.

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It’s far from cheap eats, but once in a while it might be worth splashing out on the bounteous spread of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean treats at the Kosher Classroom. The Sunday crowd is a mix of well-heeled Jewish mothers and their impeccably behaved small children, groups of curious Americans and the odd 20-something plus parent.

The prompt service breaks the Berlin mould, but the food is the highlight: the pumpkin soup is the right balance of light and creamy, so as not to fill you up for the range of salads (marinated aubergine, fragrant “Israeli salad” with mint and lemon), seasonal warm dishes (we enjoyed a veal ragout with asparagus, zander fillet casserole, pasta and Moroccan ‘cigars’, i.e. warm pastry tubes filled with vegetables) and desserts. Not to mention the kosher bubbly and the best hummus in town.

The brunch may be expensive (€39.50 per head!) but the food is difficult to fault and also healthy enough to not leave you bloated and in need of a two-hour nap. Take heed, though: the “all inclusive coffee and tea” policy does not stretch to cappuccinos, so be prepared to cough up another €4.35 per cup if you want your milk (only soya) frothed!