Heno Heno

This tiny little snack bar transports you to the back streets of Japan and was one of favourite finds for an onigiri on the go. Plenty of other cheap dishes make this a certain stop off whenever we're in Charlottenburg.

Image for Heno Heno

If you’re in western Charlottenburg during lunch hour (or dinnertime for that matter), head to the tiny Heno Heno on Kantstraße.You’ll feel like you parachuted into a traditional Japanese countryside snack bar.

Onigiri at Heno Heno taste the way you imagine them tasting in Japan. Go for the Ingwer-Miso-Fleisch (ginger beef) if you’re a meat eater, or try the Kombu (seaweed) if you’re not.

If you’re in the mood, have an onigiri with umeboshi, a kind of sour plum guaranteed to make your lips pucker.

There are plenty of other cheap dishes here, including edamame (€1.20), Gyu-Don (stewed beef on rice, €3.90-4.70) and various udon and soba noodle soups (€4.90-5.80).