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Commie Cakes: Berlin’s anti-capitalist confectionary

Commie Mommy’s true identity is a closely kept secret, but her anti-capitalist edible artworks are available for all.

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Commie Cakes are Berlin’s tastiest political statement, baked free of charge by the self-identifying “Commie Mommy” and hobby confectionist from her kitchen in Prenzlauer Berg.

Commie Mommy’s true identity is a closely kept secret – all she’ll want you to know is that she’s a student with a job in political communications, as well as communist with a penchant for baking. The anti-capitalist cake-baking operation started back in May 2021 when Commie Mommy, once a cash-strapped single mother herself, tweeted that she’d like to gift one of her extravagant creations to a single mother who wouldn’t be able to afford the high-end productions on offer in a professional Konditorei.

The idea took off and the number of people who responded offering to help pay for ingredients prompted Commie Mommy, who realised this could be more than a one-time gesture, to set up a Paypal to accept donations and Commie Cakes was born.

Commie Mommy’s edible artworks are decorated to star-baker standard: from a mouthwatering vanilla and lemon cake decorated with raspberry sugar paste and a gold-leafed hammer and sickle, to the intricate pink and blue pastel-hued stucco icing on a cake bearing the slogan “We will dance on the ashes of the ruling class”. No matter the occasion, whether it’s celebrating birth of the next Communist generation (“Welcome little comrade!”), or heralding the end of patriarchy (“Fuck internalised misogyny”), Commie Mommy provides her services free of charge, accepting donations only to help with the purchasing of ingredients.

One of Berlin’s sweeter community projects, money can’t buy you a Commie Cake: if you’d like to request one of her agitprop pieces (or just a dinosaur-shaped Torte), all you need to do is go to her Instagram page and ask. Decadent desserts are no longer for the privileged elite.