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Burger Week: Burger de Ville

It's burger week! Every day Exberliner checks in with a review of the freshest burger places in town. So if you've been feeling like there's nothing new under the bun, check in daily for gourmet and straightforward, veggie and meaty treats.

Image for Burger Week: Burger de Ville
Photo by Rasa Urnieziute

Thronged burger joint Burger de Ville is actually an Airstream trailer, serving up agreeably bite-sized, flavorsome gems to hungry lunchtime Zoo crowds.

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This joint, housed in a silver Airstream trailer outside the massive Bikini-Haus refurbishment near Zoo, steps up the game with one of the best burgers in town. Regional organic Black Angus is a good starting point for anything involving beef, but a hamburger is a holistic melding of meat, bun, toppings and sauce. Chef Jürgen Klümpen appears to have the magic touch that it takes to draw masses of office workers and tourists to his mobile kitchen. We order a Jalapeño Burger (€4.50), a Vegetarian Burger (€4.50) and some Funky Pommes (€2.50) to share.

The experience of eating the Jalapeño Burger (pictured above), topped with green chillies, melted Manchego cheese, lettuce (crinkly Lollo Bianco – no iceberg), bacon and chilli mayonnaise, was as transcendent as lunching in baking hot sun beside a windswept building site can get. Served in a minimal paper sleeve, the sandwich is small enough to actually take a bite from without dribbling sauce over your shirt. Its size is compensated for by the velvety fusion of delicious meat and the spicy homemade mayo in a slightly sweet bun (baked with a touch of potato in line with Klümpen’s recipe). The Veggie Burger comes in the same bread – a grilled portobello bedecked with goat cheese, grilled red pepper, tomato, rocket and some aioli flavoured with sun-dried tomatoes. The hand-cut “funky” fries cooked in peanut oil and topped with garlic-parsley sauce are a health hazard, but a delightful one.

The truck was set up to promote the 25Hours design hotel planned for the high-rise behind Bikini-Haus – and when the development is finished in the autumn, Klümpen (also head of food at the new hotel) assures us that Burger de Ville will live on – hoisted up to a terrace several floors above street level. We truly hope so.

Originally published in Issue #118, July/August 2013.