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BRLO Chicken & Beer: Grilled to perfection

Chicken and beer: so simple, so good. Head to the sixth floor of KaDeWe for deliciously marinated rotisserie chickens, courtesy of BRLO.

Photo: The Fish and the Knife

Anyone who knows the BRLO brewery knows that their home-brewed craft beers are some of the best in town. However, BRLO also know a thing or two about food: enter BRLO Chicken & Beer. This restaurant in the delicatessen department of KaDeWe dedicates itself entirely to chicken, always organic and grilled to perfection. If you’re vegetarian, don’t worry – they’ve just expanded their menu to include plant-based options.

Photo: Maria Schiffer

Rotisserie Chicken: The star of BRLO Chicken & Beer

The restaurant name, BRLO, is based on the original Slavic name for Berlin – Berlo. It’s fitting too. This place knows its history: the rotisserie chicken is a culinary icon of Berlin. Back in the 1960s, you could find chickens being rotated on the sixth floor of KaDeWe.

the rotisserie chicken is a culinary icon of Berlin

So BRLO have brought the chickens rotating at KaDeWe. This time, though, the birds are better than ever. Ethically sourced from a farm in Paderborn, these are drug-free, organic, and delicious.

Photo: Maria Schiffer

The quality of chicken ensures the impressively crispy, yet juicy and full-bodied taste. And even though the chicken is only marinated after grilling, the taste and aroma seeps all the way through the chicken (we can’t stop thinking about the lemon-thyme version). It goes without saying, that you shouldn’t forget to grab a beer, too! You won’t regret it.

  • BRLO Chicken & Beer (at KaDeWe, 6th floor) Tauentzienstraße 21–24, Schöneberg, Mon–Sat 12:00-20:00, online
  • Brlo Brwhouse (in the park at the Gleisdreieck) Schöneberger Straße 16, Kreuzberg, restaurant Tue–Fri 17:00-midnight, Sat+Sun 12:00-midnight, Tel. 030/55 57 76 06, online

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