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Breakfast in Berlin: The best new openings in 2022

Berlin is a breakfast and brunch-loving city and 2022 has seen some exciting openings. Start your day with an Ethiopian coffee ceremony or an indulgent deli-style grilled cheese.

Purgal Delicatessen: French brasserie meets New York deli

Photo: Bettina Grabl

If you’re looking for something hearty in the morning, you’ll be quite happy at Purgal Delicatessen. Their egg salad sandwich on crusty bread is freshly prepared in the open-view kitchen and served with homemade pickles. Grilled cheese for breakfast…why not? It’s difficult to resist Purgal’s cheese-stuffed toasties on fluffy brioche with tomato chutney. If you’re in the mood for something a little sweeter, the cakes and cookies are substantial enough for you to call a well-rounded breakfast.

  • Purgal Delicatessen, Brunnenstr. 162, Mitte, visit their website here.

Adot: Homemade Ethiopian breakfast and speciality coffee

Photo: Clemens Niedenthal

Adot’s menu may be on the smaller side, but what they do offer is done so with care. Breakfast and brunch staples are elevated with bold savoury flavours, like their fluffy scrambled eggs in aromatic berbere sauce and clarified butter. Their Injera (lightly fermented spongy flatbread) goes well with everything they serve and, if you have time, order the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony with incense, popcorn and clarified spice butter to go with it.

  • Adot, Friedelstr. 28, Neukoln, visit their website here.

Café Schroeder: Unfussy breakfast favourites

Photo: Aida Baghernejad

Café Schroeder is all about doing the classics right. Their menu highlights include an open-faced breakfast sandwich generously sprinkled with parmesan and fluffy American-style pancakes served with fruity seasonal specialties, like stewed apples or berry compote. Serving coffee from Field Coffee and bread from FREA Bakery next door, Café Schroeder offers up a great taste of the neighbourhood.

  • Café Schroeder, Schröderstr. 15, Mitte, check out their Instagram here.

FREA Bakery: Vegan pastries and hearty breakfasts

Photo: Bettina Grabl

When your morning begins with a hazelnut croissant and a dollop of vegan cream, the day is bound to go right. The bakery and cafe extension FREA Restaurant on Kleine Hamburger Straße specialises in a variety of sweet and savoury all-vegan pastries, as well as brunch and breakfast classics with a modern twist. Try their focaccia toast topped with glazed oyster mushrooms, almond ‘ricotta’ and herb oil, or an egg-free brioche french toast with caramelised hazelnuts.

  • FREA Bakery, Gartenstr. 9, Mitte, visit their website here.