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Bloom Bistro: Mediterranean bites and drinks

Maltese chef Charlie Fabre brings the best of Meditteranean cuisine with a joyful twist to Berlin.

Bloom Bistro Bites – red confit peppers with cream cheese on sourdough bread. Photo: Marianne Rennella.

If you haven’t been to Bloom yet, what have you been doing with yourself? The bistro is located between Hasenheide and Tempelhofer Feld and makes a perfect destination after an evening stroll.

Charlie Fabre opened Bloom in May 2022, fulfilling her dream of opening her own restaurant. Fabre worked in gastronomy for fifteen years as a chef, patissier and confectioner – from fine dining in Melbourne to a ski resort in the Alps. She ended up settling in Berlin because she felt inspired by our wonderful city. Who wouldn’t?

Photo: Marianne Rennella

She’s found a good home for her restaurant on Flughafenstraße. She completely renovated and opened just in time for summer last year. “Due to the wide sidewalks we have a large terrace. The sun shines there for a long time in the evening – we have a really good drinks menu for this golden hour”, she promises.

Charlie Fabre serves Mediterranean cuisine inspired by her native Malta, as well as her French roots. “My family ran a restaurant in Malta. Cooking was a big part of my life as a child”.

Photo: Marianne Rennella

Perhaps it is precisely this early influence that lends something playful to Fabre’s food. Her dishes are colourful, punchy and never boring.

The table is loaded with colourful dishes: orange-coloured arancini with an asparagus core, roasted spinach and lemon, confit peppers with cream cheese on sourdough bread, green peas and green beans, goats cheese and yellow grilled zucchini over a crispy hash brown.

Charlie Fabre combines the familiar fried rice ball with a slick bacon chutney, dresses peas and beans with pea hummus and wild cress, and makes a delicious dessert with rhubarb, mascarpone and walnuts.

Photo: Marianne Rennella

The menu at Bloom Bistro displays great craftsmanship and flavour, and it’s all thanks to Bloom’s owner herself, who is bursting with enthusiasm and energy.

This article was adapted from the German by Poppy Smallwood