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Berlin's best restaurants

The best restaurants in Neukölln

Where should you get dinner in the ever lively Neukölln? We know.

Photo: IMAGO / Jürgen Held

This trendy ‘hood is home to an incredible diversity of food, from kebabs to Michelin star meals and everything in between. EXB’s foodies know every NK food spot worth knowing, from the big hits to hidden gems. Here’s our guide to the best restaurants in Neukölln.


Dumplings galore. Photo: @knoedelwirtschaft

Knödelwirtschaft provides Berliners with the best dumplings north of Munich. With fresh dumplings and fantastic flavour combinations, there is always something on offer for vegans and veggies as well as meat-eaters. We particularly love the goats cheese and beetroot option, as well as the toothsome chanterelle dumpling. They even have sweet options for dessert.

  • Knödelwirtschaft, Fuldastr. 33, Neukölln & Stargarder Str. 3, Prenzlauer Berg, details.


Gazzo. Photo: Augusta Leigh Photography

Neukölln’s best contribution to the Neapolitan pizza craze isn’t Neapolitan at all, but a new-school hybrid with a sourdough crust and local-artisanal toppings like custom-made salsiccia from The Sausage Man Never Sleeps. The restaurant’s secret weapon: a partnership with a buffalo farm in Brandenburg that supplies fresher-than-fresh mozzarella, ricotta and burrata for its pies, plus milk that’s turned into the dreamiest olive oil-topped soft serve.


Azzam. Photo: Azzam

Sonnenallee wouldn’t be Berlin’s Middle Eastern epicentre if it hadn’t been for this humble hummus haven. Some go for the mixed platters, brimming with falafel, halloumi, schwarma and/or roasted veggies and large enough to feed an army. We prefer the traditional breakfast dishes, like chunky, hand-pounded musabaha or nutty, yoghurt-smothered fatteh, plus a fresh-baked za’atar-coated flatbread or two.


From breakfast to lunch to dinner, Terz in Neukölln can do it all. Photo: Terz Neukölln

Coffee bar, breakfast joint, lunch restaurant, wine bar – Terz does it all. This light-filled restaurant in the Schillerkiez serves up seasonal cuisine from the mind of Maximilian Huhnergarth. Afternoons here are something really special, and the selection of natural wines is fantastic.

  • Terz, Herrfurthplatz 14, details.

Café Botanico

Café Botanico: all dishes are refined with ingredients from the in-house permagarden. Photo: Liz Eve

Perhaps Berlin’s only real farm-to-table restaurant, Café Botanico serves mainly what grows in the permagarden right behind it. And what a garden it is. Hidden behind its inconspicuous Rixdorf facade, it’s hard to believe you’re in a capital city as you watch bees bumble from flower to flower. Here, ancient fruit varieties, vegetables and wild herbs are cultivated to arrive crisp and fresh on your plate. Our tip? The fennel and citrus salad with Nocellara olives and pepper, or the fresh pasta with wild mushrooms. A treat for body and soul, every time.

  • Café Botanico, Richardstr. 100, details.

Geist im Glas

Brunch is back at Geist im Glas. Photo: @idogiveafork

Fancy a cosy Sunday brunch and a top notch Bloody Mary? Geist im Glas serves up a mean breakfast on the weekends alongside its incredible cocktail menu. Fluffy pancakes, fresh fruit, maple syrup-glazed bacon plus cocktails – what more need we say?

  • Geist im Glas, Lenaustr. 27, details.


Piri’s. Photo: Jane Silver

Whether it’s breaded chicken or crunchy deep-fried oyster mushrooms, crisp-edged smashburgers or unhinged specials like the “Ragin’ Rooster”, everything at this Aussie-owned sandwich shop is dialed up to 11. A slushy frozen margarita helps the fat and carbs go down easy, and smooths the burn of the infamous “Trauma Sauce”.

  • Piri’s, Boddinstr. 61, details.

Café Pilz

Café Pilz. Photo: Noam Rosenthal

Anton Pilz’s Levantine tapas bar might just be the quintessential modern Neukölln eatery: laid-back, vegan without making a big deal of it, beloved by the artist and foodie crowd alike. It’s easy to while away an evening here, sipping Lebanese wine and munching on crispy potatoes, tahini-coated cauliflower and labneh with homemade bread. That’s if you have a reservation of course.

  • Café Pilz, Weisestr. 58, details.


Photo: @sorrel.berlin

Subtly excellent just like the herb it takes its name, Sorrel is all about high-quality ingredients and low-key vibes. The menu here focuses on seasonal, regional products (including sorrel of course), with modern interpretations of German classics such as their Japanese-inspired schnitzel sandwiches. The coffee from the associated Fjord Coffee is excellent, as is their curated natural wine list.

La Stella Nera

La Stella Nera. Photo: Ilja Niederkirchner

At Berlin’s OG vegan pizza joint, expect the crust to come charred (“black” is in the name, after all). First opened six years ago, this place was serving up ethically sound slices before veganism was even vaguely hip. And it turns out cruelty-free pizzas taste damn good. The wood-fired dough is chewy, the homemade ‘ricotta’ creamy and the likes of Carciofina Piccante (soy cheese, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and spicy house-smoked tofu) irresistible.

  • La Stella Nera, Leykestr. 18, details.

La Bolognina

La Bolognina. Photo: A.M.A. [-] Агостино.

La Bolognina, a cosy, laid-back nook on Neukölln’s Donaustraße, will relight anyone’s fire for Italian food. Here you’ll find ever-changing variations of ravioli, tagliatelle, gnocchi and strozzapreti, or piadina (stuffed flatbread). Finish things off with a homemade tiramisu, selected wines and a vinyl soundtrack (the place is run by Luca Spinogatti, also known by his DJ name: The Ivory Boy). Perhaps the best place for pasta in Neukölln.

  • La Bolognina, Donaustr. 107, details.

Hallmann und Klee

Photo: F. Anthea Schaap

Sarah Hallmann has created a pantry restaurant with a light and simple design (concrete, wood, an open kitchen) on Böhmischer Platz. The lunch salad features fennel, warm-smoked salmon and a poached egg served with no less than three kinds of homemade bread. For this, and for her wonderful cuisine in general, Sarah Hallmann was named “Restaurateur of the Year” by Gault Millau, and the restaurant features in the Michelin Restaurant Guide.

  • Hallmann und Klee, Böhmische Str. 13, details.


Photo: @savvyv

For any Brits craving pies, gravy, peas and mash, then Donau101 is the spot for you. And even if you’re not a homesick Brit, the pies here pack a punch, with delicious veggie and meat options always on offer.

  • Donau101, Donaustr. 101, details.


Barra’s famous lockdown chicken burger. Photo: Barra

Another trendy Berlin restaurant with a curated menu of farm-to-table shared plates accompanied by natural wine. Barra in Schillerkiez is a gourmet favourite, with creative raw fish dishes, homemade pasta and vegetable concoctions that do justice to Brandenburg’s finest produce. You have to pay a €40 deposit with your reservation, so just don’t invite your flaky friends. It also became an unlikely pandemic success story with its famous takeout fried chicken sandwich which launched two days into lockdown 2020.

Tina’s Superfood Deli

Photo: Patrick Gharapetian / Neptune Studios 2023

Visit Tina’s for vegetarian, gluten free and organic Latin American food. Here you can find fantastic arepas – round corn cakes that are ubiquitous in Colombia and Venezuela. At Tina’s they’re served with oyster mushrooms, kimchi, coconut yoghurt and smoked jalapenos. Yum!

  • Tina’s Superfood Deli, Emser Str. 46, details.


Myxa. Photo: Myxa

Over in Reuterkiez, cosy Myxa serves as a meeting place for young Greek expats in Berlin. In keeping with the small cafe’s rustic patina, you’ll find a wholesome menu featuring classic Greek dishes like Spanakopita and Gemista (oven-baked stuffed pepper and tomato) to be washed down with a mocha, frappé or Mastika, pine-scented liqueur from the island of Chios.


Photo: Alaska

Don’t sleep on these all-vegan versions of classic Spanish tapas at Alaska. Carrot “smoked salmon” on sourdough and patatas bravas with Sichuan chilli oil share the menu with classics like croquetas and vegan padron peppers. In summer it’s best to eat out on the pavement, migrating indoors in the cooler months for excellent cocktails and Spanish wines.

Lavanderia Vecchia

Lavanderia Vecchia. Photo: Emilie Elizabeth

Yet more excellent Italian cuisine is to be found in an oh-so-Neukölln setting: a former laundry that blends industrial sleekness with rustic ambience. Even more breathtaking than the open kitchen is the food that emerges from it: daily changing five-course menus featuring fresh pasta, grilled mains and the occasional gastronomic experiment. Their set dinner menu includes half a bottle of wine, coffee and a digestif; those on lower budgets can treat themselves to a set lunch, with a discount for Hartz IV recipients. 

  • Lavanderia Vecchia, Flughafenstr. 46, details.


Bloom Bistro Bites – red confit peppers with cream cheese on sourdough bread. Photo: Marianne Rennella

Bloom Bistro is the creation of Maltese chef Charlie Fabre, who has brought bright, Mediterranean-inspired dishes to Flughafenstraße. Read our full review here, and then go and book yourself a table immediately!

  • Bloom, Flughafenstr. 84, details.

YaMe NumNum

Photo: Tom Christen

Some of Berlin’s best sushi and home-made udon noodles await you at YaMe NumNums, a family run restaurant formerly known as Jimmy Woo. In addition to the classic variations, My Linh Phan and her team offer their own creations, including things like home-made kimchi cream cheese, fried avocado and chili jam.

  • YaMe NumNum, Friedelstr. 24, details.


A stylish interior and fantastic food at Chicha. Photo: Carlos Pereira

Simon Amaru Castro Mendoza earned a Bib Gourmand from the Michelin Guide two years ago with his restaurant Chicha, which serves up food inspired by the vast culinary diversity of Peru. The ceviche has the perfect blend of acidity, sweetness and savoury, and the focus is on seasonal ingredients.

Bisou x Treat

Photo: Marianne Rennella

The pop-up pizza at Treat Natural Wines seems to be here to stay, and we couldn’t be more delighted. The pizzas are small and cute, so you can easily manage two or three. We loved the ‘Arty chic’ pizza, with artichoke hearts, parmesan and thinly sliced fennel. It goes without saying that the wine is a knockout.

Nur Gemüse-Kebap

Photo: Nur Gemüse-Kebap

We couldn’t give you a Neukölln restaurant write-up without including a kebab. Ok, so it’s not a restaurant per-say, but we swear by this snack bar at the Hermannstraße S and U-Bahn station. The team is friendly and the döner with grilled veggies and feta is great.

  • Nur Gemüse-Kebap, Hermannstr. 113a, details.

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