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Restaurants and bars: The best new spots in June

Our guide to the best new bars, restaurants, cafés and pop-ups that opened in Berlin this June.

The Alchemist. Photo: Bettina Grabl

Smoking cocktails, breakfast for dinner, Japanese brunch and South Indian cuisine – this month has seen the Berlin gastronomic scene enriched with some exciting new additions. We also love it when old favourites get a new lease of life, which is the case this month for the former West Berlin institution Bateau Ivre in Kreuzberg. Read on for a guide to the best bars, restaurants and pop-ups that opened this June.

Bierhof Rüdersdorf: Berghain’s cosy beer garden 

Photo: Orkun Ersavas

Just when we were fearing that we would have to go another summer without a cold one in Berghain’s beer garden, we received this delicious news: Marvin Lerche and his company Gorilla Catering have taken over the kitchen this season.

Checked table cloths, fresh flowers and a sun deck are shaded beneath the old concrete pillars of this enchanted corner of Berghain, and it’s so unpretentious and cosy that the tourists don’t venture here. We recommend trying the braised beef sandwich with pickled onions and homemade chutney.

There’s also a great selection of hot sauces to go with the chicken wings.

  • Bierhof Rüdersdorf Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain, details.

Bar Neiro: Your drink never sounded so good

Photo: Bar Neiro

A bartender will ask you to keep the noise down if your table gets too loud at this audiophile bar. Sounds odd, but this new concept has made it every music nerd’s new favourite spot for a drink. Riotous partying is not the focus at Bar Neiro, despite being just round the corner from Kitkat, Tresor and Ohm.

Instead, this listening bar, which is attached to a music studio, encourages its clientele to do a little more listening and a little less talking. A lovingly built analog sound system and cosy living room aesthetic create a nostalgic and laid back atmosphere. The drinks on offer are unusual: the Red & Butter cocktail with miso butter and clarified whisky, a full-bodied Matcha Sour, or Kappa’s Cure with cucumber.

The tasteful jazz and ambient music make them taste even better. Pipe down and drink up.   

  • Bar Neiro Ohmstr. 11, Mitte, details.

Benedict Prenzlauer Berg: All day breakfast

Photo: Markus Braumann

A second branch of Wilmersdorf’s popular Café Benedict has opened up in Prenzlauer Berg, serving up delicious breakfast food from morning until late – 10pm on the weekend and 11pm on Thursday, Friday and Monday! We love the sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches and the fried eggs on rye bread with avocado.

  • Benedict Prenzlauer Berg Göhrener Str. 5, Prenzlauer Berg, details.

Dorle: A neighbourhood favourite renewed

Photo: Clemens Niedenthal

The old West Berlin favourite Bateau Ivre, which functioned like a friendly neighbourhood living room, has a new lease of life with the opening of Dorle this month. The spirit of the venue remains the same despite the renovation and change of ownership.

Just as before, regulars sit with newspapers in hand next to tourists and Kreuzberg hipsters nursing hangovers. The wine still comes from the nearby wine shop Suff, the sausage and cheese for the breakfast plate from Hillmann next door. New additions are a La Marzocco coffee machine and a selection of great cocktails for the evening.

In our beloved Berlin some things change, and some stay all the same.

  • Dorle Oranienstr. 18, Kreuzberg, details.

The Alchemist: An innovative gastronomic experience

Photo: Bettina Grabl

Berlin’s newest gastro hot spot seeks to sweep the competition aside with an innovative dining experience. Smoking cocktails which change colour and other chemical and technical wizardry are served up under futuristic light installations.

The Alchemist is a bar-restaurant hybrid hailing from the UK. Cocktail highlights include the ‘Nextpresso Martini’, a twist on the classic Espresso Martini, and ‘The Edible One’ – salted caramel caviar on a chocolate spoon and an edible cup!

There is a comprehensive international menu from breakfast to dinner, including snacks such as vegan cheese chips, chicken wings and rib eye steaks. We think The Alchemist is an excellent reason to head to Potsdamer Platz. 

  • The Alchemist in The Playce, Linkstr. 4, Tiergarten, details.

Michelberger Bar: Locally sourced eats and international wine

Photo: Clemens Niedenthal

As far as we’re concerned the Michelberger Restaurant is one of the most beautiful places to sample new Berlin cuisine. That’s why we’re particularly pleased about the news that the neighbouring Michelberger Bar (located in the hotel foyer) now has its own menu.

Grilled carrots, wafer thin venison on a bed of kimchi and mustard seeds, with all their ingredients coming from their own farm in Spreewald. In house sommelier Joshua Fine hosts events like ‘Fine Wine Wednesday’ and ‘Bubbles Against Troubles’ to tell you about the delicious things you’re drinking.

  • Michelberger Bar Warschauer Str. 39–40, Friedrichshain, details

Amigo Cohen Rooftop pop-up: Tel Aviv meets Tulum

Photo: Sonni Frej

Amigo Cohen, which opened in March at the hotel Romy, heads for the rooftops for a summer pop-up running until September. Head chef Shimon Peretz reinterprets traditional Israeli grilled skewers and serves them up with Mexican flavours. It’s as good as it sounds, and tastes even better in the open air on the rooftop.

  • Amigo Cohen Rooftop-Pop-up im Hotel Romy by AMANO, Invalidenstr. 53a, Moabit, details.

Mr. Chai Wala: Colourful South Indian cuisine  

Photo: Ariana Bille

Kothu, a Sri Lanken street food classic, takes centre stage at Mr. Chai Wala. It consists of roti, egg, veggies and the option to add chicken or lamb, all chopped up small and sautéd together on a hot griddle. We also loved the crispy dosa and the chicken or lamb biryani. 

  • Mr. Chai Wala Kantstr. 31, Charlottenburg, details.

Sfera: Plant based brunch and pastries

Photo: Sfera

For those who don’t want to compromise their vegan diet but also can’t live without pastries, Sfera is the place for you. They have an excellent brunch, great coffee, and all kinds of vegan baked goods. Be sure to try the semolina porridge with elderflower butter, powdered strawberry and puffed caramelised buckwheat. The walnut brownies with vegan whipped cream are also to die for. Oh, and they have wine!

  • Sfera Schudomastr. 44, Neukölln, details.

Odd Café: Homemade bagels and cakes

Photo: Savannah van der Niet for Cee Cee Creative

Odd Café in Prenzlauer Berg serves up exemplary homemade bagels and cakes alongside great coffee and tea. The café is the brainchild of Sanghyun No and Jonghwan Kim, owners of the popular Sword Master Noodel joint, and their friend Ivana Stanic from Serbia. Get there early for a spot on their sunny terrace.

  • Odd Café Zelterstr. 6, Prenzlauer Berg, details.

Doughnut Time: Aussie doughnuts on Alexander Platz 

Photo: Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time originated in Melbourne, quickly branching out from there across Australia and now out into the big wide world. Luckily for us one of their latest pop-ups has arrived in Berlin, in a prime tourist location next to the TV Tower. Don’t let this put you off though. Baker Sascha Enders is taking care of business here, returning to Germany after working in Doughnut Time branches abroad for 20 years.

Why go to Alexanderplatz? For doughnuts of course! 

  • Doughnut Time Panorama Str. 1a, Mitte, details.

KiezPizza: A specialist pizza crust and unusual toppings

Photo: IMAGO / Pond5

Wilmersdorf’s new go-to pizza joint KiezPizza specialises in a spelt-wheat dough base. Our favourites included a Gorgonzola, walnut and pear pizza, and the mushroom, pine nut, truffle oil and bresaola (an Italian salted beef). Vegan options includ an excellent seasonal veg and pine nut pizza on yellow tomato sauce. For dessert we recommend the vegan caramel affogato and tiramisu.

For more of our favourite pizza recommendations click here.

  • KiezPizza Uhlandstr. 47, Wilmersdorf, details

Cee Cee Pop-up-Café

Photo: Robyn Steffen for Cee Cee Creative

Cee Cee has opened a pop-up café in Kreuzberg serving Japanese brunch with a western twist. Try the Kakuni burger with Japanese pork belly, karashi mustard-mayo sauce and edamame, or the soba noodles on top of leafy greens. For vegans there’s a delicious onigiri selection served with pickles and a bowl of cold summer miso soup. Wash it down with a Yuzullini, a Bellini made with yuzu infused honey, or a homemade lemonade.

  • Cee Cee Pop-up-Café Besselstr. 13, Kreuzberg, details.

This article has been adapted from the German by Poppy Smallwood.