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Restaurant round-up: The best food we ate in October

As the nights draw in, a great meal is more important than ever. These were our favourite new restaurants in October.

Photo: john m gribben, dalia_studio

As the nights draw in, a good meal is more important than ever. We always on the hunt for exciting new tastes and flavours, and this October brought some real treats.

From the simplicity of the Leberkäse roll in a Prenzlauer Berg cafe, to modern fast-food in Bergmannkiez, these were our favourite new restaurants last month.

Cicchetti da Rosa

Photo: Marianne Rennella

This is classic Italian cuisine with a twist. The Cicchetti da Rosa is an offshoot of the well-known Salumeria Rosa in Charlottenburg. This new venture in Wilmersdorf has the same high standards that owners Rosetta “Rosa” Panzera and Duc Anh Tran are known for. You can detect the Vietnamese chef’s influence in the buttery tender scallops which come in a strong lobster foam broth. Classic without being stuffy, social with a touch of class: this is a perfect new spot for Ludwigkirchplatz.

  • Cichetti da Rosa, Ludwigkirchplatz 12, Wilmersdorf, details

Japan Plaza Bistro

Photo: Japan Plaza

Want to get dinner at the supermarket? This place has caught quite a bit of attention recently, with TikTok videos and Instagram reels filming its stacked shelves of Japanese drinks, fruits, instant noodles, curries, spices and snacks. There’s also a bistro, where you can order made on-site bento boxes, noodle soups, onigiri, sushi and sashimi. While not every dish is its best possible version, this is a fun, buzzy spot and certainly worth a visit. Itadakimasu!

  • Japan Plaza Bistro, Rochstr. 14e, details


Photo: Stefan Walter

Never heard of a transalpine delicatessen? It’s simpler than it sounds: delicious cheese from France, natural wines from South Tyrol, and Bavarian leberkäse rolls with sweet mustard. In fact, this little shop in Prenzlauer Berg is worth a visit by itself. After you’ve eaten, grab some herbal teas from Lombardy, handmade chocolate, “Berchtesgaden broth” or honey from the French Alps to take home. 

  • Terese, Rhinower Straße 10, Prenzlauer Berg, details

BRLO Charlottenburg

Photo: Sascha Gerritzen

The Harp in Charlottenburg is one of the oldest Irish pubs in the city, but that’s not all. It is also now the latest location for BRLO. This gastropub focuses mainly on vegetarian fare, though corn-fed Kikok chicken and dry-aged Mangalitza pork are also on the menu. As always with BRLO, there is a whole world of beer on supply: German classics like Pils, regional heroes like Berliner Weisse, American IPAs and limited specialty beers. The bartender even offers hot beer cocktails which sound… interesting. 

  • BRLO Charlottenburg, Giesebrechtstrasse 15, Charlottenburg, details


This is fast food at its finest. Munchies started out as a food truck, but it now has a permanent home in Bergmannkiez. Expect sandwiches stuffed with american cheese, dill pickles, smashed beef patties, or fried chicken or tacos. Add some side dishes like fries with chilli sauce or honey mayo and you’re looking at a great modern example of quick and dirty eating. 

  • Munchies, Schenkendorfstraße 1, Kreuzberg, details

Boutique de La Maison

The smell of croissants, cinnamon rolls and other delicious French pastries will now spread to a new location, as the team behind La Maison open a new spot: the Boutique de La Maison. This new boulangerie on Urbanstraße in Kreuzberg is similarly devoted to the art of French baking, offering savory and sweet croissants, sandwiches, cakes and tarts. 

  • Boutique de la Maison, Urbanstraße 70A, Kreuzberg, details