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Milk, dark, bitter, sweet: Where to buy chocolate in Berlin

With Valentine's Day approaching, it might be a good idea to know where to get some chocolate. Luckily, Berlin has some of the best around.

Photo: IMAGO/Xinhua

From family-run factories to brand-new chocolate shops, Berlin has a rich, varied and delicious selection of places to get your cacao fix – and they’re not afraid to innovate. Here’s our list of can’t-miss spots.

Rausch: Chocolate runs in the family

The Rausch family business stands for high-quality chocolate. Photo: Lena Ganssmann

The Rausch store at Gendarmenmarkt is the world’s largest chocolate house. You can do a lot more than just buy chocolate: discover the process by which a humble cocoa bean becomes a delicious praline, or learn about the history of the company (which has been family-owned for over 100 years!).

But, of course, the main reason to be there is to buy Rausch’s excellent chocolate. They’re beautifully wrapped, and you’ll have a hard time finding chocolates that taste better. Stop by Rausch chocolate café on the way out to enjoy hot chocolate with tarts, pralines and desserts.

  • Rausch Charlottenstraße 60, Mitte, more information here

Sawade: Truffles from heaven

The fine chocolates from Sawade can be bought at seven locations throughout Berlin. Photo: Imago/Kremming

In 1880, Ladislaus Maximilianus Ziemkiewicz opened a shop for handmade French chocolates on Unter den Linden. His chocolate was deemed so good that he was appointed the official purveyor of chocolate to the royal court. His legacy of craftsmanship continues on at Sawade, the successor to his original shop. Here, the oldest praline and chocolate factory in the city produces pralines and truffles that feel fit for a king. Take your pick of one of Sawade’s seven Berlin locations.

  • Bergmannstraße 9, Kreuzberg
  • Hackesche Höfe, Rosenthaler Straße 40-41, Mitte
  • Friedrichstraße 166, Mitte, more information here

Winterfeldt: Take your pick

Winterfeldt Schokoladen offers fine chocolate, refined with a wide variety of ingredients. Photo: Gene Glover

The Incas believed that chocolate contains healing properties – perhaps that’s why Winterfeldt Schokoladen is based in a former pharmacy. Since opening, Winterfeldt has sold around 1,000 different types of chocolate in Schöneberg, including healthy raw chocolate and varieties for allergy sufferers. Check out the pralines for some truly adventurous flavours: gin fizz, blood orange avocado and prickly pear.

Check out the pralines for some truly adventurous flavours: gin fizz, blood orange avocado and prickly pear.

  • Winterfeldt Schokoladen  Goltzstraße 23, Schöneberg, more information here

Art en Chocolat: Delicious and beautiful at the same time

At Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg, Art en chocolat offers special chocolates from its own production. Photo: Imago/Zoonar

Excellent espresso, delicious cake and gelato: a perfect Italian holiday in … Berlin? At the espresso bar and chocolate shop Art en Chocolat in Kreuzberg you’ll be transported to Italy. This shop specializes in chocolate aesthetics, producing masterpieces that taste as good as they look. And the best thing? The pleasure of pairing an exquisite espresso with fine chocolate. For chocolate and espresso on the go, check out Art en Chocolat’s mobile espresso bar at the market on Maybachufer in Kreuzberg.

  • Art en Chocolat, Oranienplatz 15, Kreuzberg, more information here

Pars Chocolates: Easy on the eyes

Special in terms of appearance and taste: the pralines from Pars. Photo: Pars Chocolates

The pralines from Pars on Schönleinstraße are real eye-catchers. Founder Kristiane Kegelmann has a design background, so it’s no surprise that her pralines are beautiful. With angular shapes, bright colors, and sculptural forms, you might ask yourself if they’re even edible! Don’t worry – the pralines taste great. Check their website for must-haves, vegan products and gift sets.

  • Pars Pralinen  Schönleinstraße 6, Kreuzberg, more information here

Walters Confiserie: 100 years of tradition

Confiserie Walter can look back on almost 100 years of business history: the company’s nougat and marzipan creations are delicious and versatile. Photo: The Dude for Food

Since opening in the 1920s, Walters Confiserie has set itself apart for its consistent quality. These days, it’s a Berlin institution. The confectionery’s nougat and marzipan specialties are made using traditional methods. How do they ensure the quality of the chocolates?

For one thing, the company purchases products from a renowned Lübeck marzipan manufacturer. Walters has shops in Tempelhof, Zehlendorf and Wilmersdorf.

  • Olivaer Platz 17, Wilmersdorf
  • Tempelhofer Damm 182-184, Tempelhof
  • Teltower Damm 27, Zehlendorf
  • Brunnenstraße 13, Mitte, more information here

Rosa Canina Chocolate: Dark, delicious chocolate

Rosa Canina Chocolate in Mitte makes great dark chocolate, without milk, with a high cocoa content. Photo: Gonzalo Baro

Rosa Canina Chocolate in Mitte is both a café and a chocolate factory. The dark chocolate options here can be enjoyed guilt-free: they contain little sugar and no milk. This gives the chocolate a special, bitter taste. Organic, quality ingredients are an essential at Rosa Canina Chocolate. When it comes to making chocolate, often less is more! Rosa Canina Chocolate keeps things simple, avoiding preservatives, palm oil and emulsifiers. The production process is also transparent: the factory and shop are only separated by a pane of glass. If you’re lucky, you can watch a batch of chocolates being poured!

  • Rosa Canina Chocolate, Lottumstr. 15, Mitte, more information here.

Berlin Coffee Roastery: A symphony of coffee and chocolate

The delicious chocolates from the Berlin coffee roastery are also available in Berlin retail outlets. 
Photo: Imago/Stpp

Cocoa beans and coffee beans – can you think of a better combo? Since 2001, the Berlin coffee roastery has been located on Uhlandstraße, and there are also locations at BER and in the Charité. Expect a laid-back atmosphere that doesn’t sacrifice quality. In the in-house chocolate shop, a wide variety of chocolate creations and cakes are made fresh every day. Diligence and high standards have already earned the Berlin company a number of awards. Stop by to kill two birds with one stone: great coffee and great chocolate.

Stop by to kill two birds with one stone: great coffee and great chocolate.

  • Coffee Roastery Berlin Stammhaus Uhlandstraße 173-174, Charlottenburg
  • Behrenstraße 19, Mitte, more information here

Muya Berlin: Vegan chocolate

The colorful delicacies from Muya Berlin are creations of young confectioner Marie-Theres Mang. 
Photo: Muya Berlin

Muya Berlin in Kreuzberg specializes in vegan chocolates that are beautifully made and packaged. The young confectioner Marie-Theres Mang is behind the special chocolates that are sold every Saturday in Markthalle Neun. After studying gastronomy and working in several Michelin star restaurants, she started her own confectionary business. The beautiful chocolate boxes can also be ordered online – and make for a great gift! Flavors like earl gray lemon, hazelnut crunch, and macadamia are delicious and understated.

  • Muya Berlin Saturdays in Markthalle Neun, in KaDeWe and online, more information here

Süßkramdealer: For chocolate connoisseurs

The sweet shop dealer is one of Berlin’s most reliable addresses for sweets of all kinds. Photo: Maria Dorner

This former cigar shop has traded one vice for another. On the historic oak and mahogany shelves at Süßkramdealer, you can find excellent imported chocolates from around the world, as well as other sweets and treats. Don’t let the small size of the shop discourage you – it’s filled to the brim with delicious surprises. To name just a few of the best things you’ll find inside: Berlin chocolate salami (try it), cocoa frogs in dressing gowns and chocolate gugelhupf cakes. Is your mouth watering yet?

  • Süßkramdealer Varziner Straße 4, Friedenau, more information here

Estrellas Chocolaterie: Fragrant and delicious

At Estrellas Chocolaterie on Akazienstraße you will find, among other things, fragrant chocolates that are mixed with essential oils. 
Photo: Imago/Future Image

At Estrellas Chocolaterie in Schöneberg, chocolates and pralines are mixed with essential oils to create uniquely aromatic chocolate creations. A popular ingredient, for example, is rose oil. The shop consults an aromatherapist for the various chocolate and praline recipes – matching the scents and flavors in just the right way. The chocolate here is handmade: there are no machines in Estrellas Chocolaterie, and everything is stirred, coated and dipped by hand. 

  • Estrellas Chocolaterie  Akazienstraße 21, Schöneberg, more information here

Erich Hamann Factory: Fine Dark Chocolate

Erich Hamann’s bitter chocolates are a taste experience in themselves. 
Photo: Imago/Zoonar

In 1912, Erich Hamann laid the foundation for his own chocolate shop in Berlin. Now, over 100 years later, he is the namesake of the Erich Hamann chocolate shop, run by his grandson. Here you can buy a bar of chocolate baked with chili pepper, or browse the more than 60 types of pralines. Don’t miss the mocha bean and dark chocolate praline! Buy a vintage, blue-bowed gift box on the way out to complete your visit.

  • Erich Hamann  Brandenburgische Straße 17, Wilmersdorf, more information here

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