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Did we find Berlin’s best buckwheat pancakes?

We didn't think we'd like buckwheat so much! Kreuzberg-based Café Nullpunkt's all-organic gluten-free brunch menu will certainly sweeten your day. Hang around on Thursdays to catch their weekly after-work drinks with live acts and performances.

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Photo by Lydia Goolia. Café Nullpunkt stands in the cutting-edge Frizz23 at Friedrichstr. 23B, Kreuzberg.

A stone’s throw from the new taz building, amidst the jumble of building-sites slowly giving shape to new, uninspiring residential condos and other tame real estate achievements, stands the cutting-edge Frizz23, a totally different animal. Britta Jürgens and Matthew Griffin’s cultural co-ownership project houses artists’ studios, offices, independent shops and a Miniloft hotel. Its latest addition is one more reason to go and check it out: Café Nullpunkt boasts a long, brass bar that reflects the sunlight through its tall, glass windows and a stylish custom wood oven for its all-organic gluten-free menu. For breakfast, you can get scrambled eggs and seasonal veggies on sourdough bread (€8.40) and granola bowls with fresh yoghurt and home-made plum jam (€8). Or, try our favourite, vegan buckwheat pancakes layered with pear compote and maple syrup (€11.50). These arrive in a massive stack tall enough to share with a friend or, considering their skilful presentation, any nearby curator – all credits go to their Londoner chef Caris Jordana, who you can catch working her magic in the show-room style kitchen. Their savoury pancakes are also a treat, a Korean special with kimchi (€9). The lunch menu offers (€9.50) change weekly, ranging from miso soup to tofu dishes to more buckwheat – in crafty soba noodles. And on Thursday nights, Café Nullpunkt brings back the neighbourhood feel with after-work drinks and acts by live musicians, poets and performers, eager to test out their audience appeal.

Café Nullpunkt | Friedrichstr. 23B, Kreuzberg. Mon-Wed 8:00-16:00, Thu 8:00-21:00, Fri 8:00-16:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-15:00.