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Berlin’s most exciting new food trends in 2024

Check out the hot new food trends of 2024, to keep you warm through these chilly first months.

Photo: lovedeluxe_berlin

The year has just begun and already there’s a whole host of new culinary trends and exciting restaurants to discover. Educate yourself on Japanese spirits or enjoy dining in a lakeside ‘Egg House’. This year promises to delight everyone from seasoned foodies to curious newcomers.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to check out this year.

Richard Bistro

 Photo: Harry Schnitger

After 10 years of fine dining, Richard Bistro has reinvented itself as a Brasserie kitchen, and starting this year, you can head there for that cosiest of rituals: the Sunday Roast. Treat yourself to a whole Bresse chicken, a long-braised shoulder of lamb, or a breast of veal. The latter will be served as part of our sister publication Tip Berlin’s wine night at the end of the month.

  • Richard Bistro, Köpenicker Str. 174, Kreuzberg, details

Ins Wasser

Chef Yannic Stockhausen. Photo: Florian Reischauer

The Michelin-starred Cordo, which shut its doors on December 31st, will reopen on January 24th as a fish and seafood bar. Christoph Ellinghaus, who runs the establishment along with Gudrun Ellinghaus and chef Yannic Stockhausen, has insisted this is not a move against fine dining, but rather towards a less formatted concept. They aim to not only inspire foodies and gourmets but also anyone eager to discover the city’s culinary offerings. 

  • Ins Wasser Seafood Bar, Große Hamburger Str. 32, opening on January 23rd, online


Photo: IMAGO / Jürgen Held

Jessica-Joyce Sidon, formerly of Baldon in Wedding, has taken over the almost 150-year-old Eierhäuschen in Plänterwald. The iconic landmark’s kitchen has remained unused for 30 years, but following a successful warm-up Biergarten season, it is reopening this February 1st. 

The head chef is Alexandra Strödel, who as sous chef at Nobelhart & Dirty proved her sincere dedication to regionality and seasonality in her cooking. She will be bringing this passion to the beautiful setting of Ei im Eierhäuschen, which, with its homely feel and spectacular central bar manages to be both contemporary and in keeping with the building’s history. The perfect spot for a cosy Winter meal away from the throng of the city. And when the weather gets nice enough for a dip in the lake, the Biergarten will also open its doors again!

  • Restaurant Ei, Kiehnwerderallee 2, Treptow, details

Love Deluxe

Photo: lovedeluxe_berlin

Fusion cuisine is back in fashion, only now it’s actually authentic. Rather than the clumsy appropriation of a culture by someone with little to no knowledge of its culinary traditions, fusion food in Berlin now means Berliners from immigrant backgrounds, linking the cuisines of their parents and grandparents with the diverse influences of their lived experience. 

So say the brains behind Love Deluxe on Pannierstrasse. Here, they utilise soul food from the southern states of the USA, the Caribbean and South East Asia as the foundations for deliciously hearty dishes. Some standouts from their menu include the vegan Nostalgia Sandwich, with jackfruit and mayo made from fermented black beans. As well as the ground beef curry sandwich served with dipping sauce. This friendly Kreuzkölln gem makes for a moreish and chic lunch spot.

  • Love Deluxe, Pannierstr. 32, Neukölln, details

Ember OFC

Photo: Ember OFC

What started as an eccentric pop-up in ever-changing and often secret locations, has since moved into a pavilion-like glass structure on Wiener Strasse. The move has made Tobi Beck’s open-fire kitchen a lot more accessible, especially in terms of price.

With a soft spot for simple, German cuisine, at Ember OFC you can enjoy such hearty fare as stews and goulash soup, which are always served on Sunday afternoons during the Winter. There is also an excellent drinks menu on offer, for those who have not pledged their allegiance to dry January.

  • Ember OFC, Wiener Str. 10, Kreuzberg, Thursday & Friday 18:30 or 21:00, details


Photo: maiyarapberlin

From the people behind Tossakan, this Kreuzberg spot is the perfect place to endure the winter. Their Gieuw Tieuw – a spicy rice noodle soup with fish sauce, lime and lots of chilli – will definitely warm your senses during these bitterly cold months. If you’re feeling curious, why not try the version with pigs’ blood and meatballs? Come the summertime, their hidden backyard terrace also makes a delightful setting in which to while away an afternoon.

  • Maiyarap, Oranienstr. 200, Kreuzberg, details


Photo: Ginza

This newly opened Wilmsedorf locale has become Berlin’s specialist in Japanese spirits. And we’re not just talking Sake (although they do have an impressive range of the famous rice wine). What Ginza is especially renowned for however is its Shochu selection. Shochu is Japan’s most drunk spirit and is arguably their national drink. It is made from a range of base products, such as rice (Kome Shochu), sweet potato (Imo Shochu), buckwheat (Soba Shochu), brown sugar (Kokuto Shochu) or barley (Mugi Shochu). The latter often matures for a while in barrels, thus making it slightly reminiscent of whiskey in taste. 

Don’t worry if this all seems a bit overwhelming, the friendly team at Ginza is ready and willing to help you find your Shoschu bearings, with more extensive tastings available for the very manageable fee of 3 euros. 

  • Ginza, Pfalzburger Str. 20, Wilmersdorf, details

Tante Fichte

Photo: Star Wine List

Tante Fichte is where fine dining meets the Balkans, via regional German ingredients. Try their Ćevapčići, made from free-range pig, Brandenburg deer or Pike-Perch, and served with kaymak (a kind of clotted cream), sweetly marinated onions and spicy ajvar. These miniature pancakes are then brought to your table for you to roll yourself.

Tante Fichte’s “tipsy lunch” (70 euros plus drinks) takes place once a month and aims to attract a wider crowd to the admittedly rather elite establishment. Chef Daniel Motokanovic puts on a stellar show, making this a fantastic chance to try exciting new tastes in a luxe but friendly atmosphere.

  • Tante Fichte, Fichtetstr. 31, Kreuzberg, Next tipsy lunch: Sunday January 14th. from 12 p.m., details