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Berlin’s hottest cause

Our favourite hot topping, Crazy Bastard Sauce, launched a crowdfunding campaign last week to set up permanent shop in Friedrichshain. If you love ‘em like we do, go support their saucy cause before it ends September 17!

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Calling all chili-lovers! Our favourite hometown hot sauce brand, Crazy Bastard Sauce, is crowdfunding to open up their own shop near Frankfurter Tor.

Irish expat Jonathan O’Reily first sent a bottle of his pilot sauce, a habanero-tomatillo blend, to our office exactly a year ago, and it disappeared within days. The Crazy B family has since then grown to four other flavours: “green label” (jalapeño and date), blue label (Scotch bonnet and Caribbean spices) and two constantly changing experimental “white labels”, perhaps the most interesting of the lot.

In the past they’ve been mouth-scorching yet fruity flavours like 7-Pot and Cherry and Trinidad Scorpion and Clementine. Grab a bottle at one of their 15 retailers or order it online (€5.99/100ml, €8.99/200ml).

Now, after bagging the title of World Champion in the “medium” category at this year’s World Hot Sauce Awards, O’Reilly and co are set on getting their own place. In their new home, they plan to host cookery courses, mescal tastings and even workshops on growing chillis. They’re also sending a preview of a new Black label edition to backers, which contains the Carolina reaper, the hottest pepper in the world. So if you have a love for liquid fire, support the cause!

Their crowdfunding campaign ends on September 17. Donate here.