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Berlin-style firewater

Spice up your Valentine's Day with Mexilove: a fresh take on Berlin's favourite party-starting shot.

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Photo by Nix Photography Berlin

Anyone familiar with Berlin drink menus will know that the Mexikaner, a shot version of the Bloody Mary, is a local classic. Originally from Hamburg, this spirit has long been an essential party starter in the Hauptstadt. Now, a pair of Berlin-born thirtysomethings have taken it upon themselves to give their favourite booze a makeover. Known to their friends as expert Mexikaner mixers for house parties, and bolstered by their positive feedback, Joanna Rathenow and Katharina Böhnke decided to start a business based on their homemade recipe: Mexilove. Their cleaner, fresher version of the drink consists of not-from-concentrate Italian tomato juice, a mix of different chillies and 15 percent vodka (to the disappointment of their Hamburger friends, who traditionally make it with Korn). The 700ml bottles (€8.99), launched in November, are sold by select bars, clubs and Spätis across town, such as Whatever Spirituosen and Eat Berlin, and are available on their website. And in case you were hoping to smuggle the hard liquor across the border, they will soon introduce a 250ml and 100ml travel-size companion. Prost and Salud to that, and may these (very) spicy shots lead to equally saucy escapades.

www.mexilove.de, try it out for yourself at The Berlin Indie Film Party on February 14