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I Know a Little Place...

Our favourite restaurants: Foodie tips from Estelle Dining

Where Rebecca and Jared Bassoff (the couple behind Estelle Dining) love to eat when they're not making sourdough pizza and Italian-inspired small plates.

Rebecca and Jared Bassoff of Estelle Dining. Photo: Makar Artemev

“For a special occasion, we love Shiori, a Japanese omakase restaurant in Mitte. We lived in Asia for a long time, and when we found Shiori, we were simply blown away. We feel that, by Berlin standards, this is as close as it gets. There’s also Hallmann & Klee, our default restaurant for Rebecca’s birthday. We try to go at least once a year when we have the chance and our kids are away. We used to go more often before they switched over to a fine dining format.”

Hallmann und Klee. Photo: F. Anthea Schaap
  • Shiori, Max-Beer-Str. 13, Mitte, details.
  • Hallmann & Klee, Böhmische Str. 13, Neukölln, details.

“For a cheap eat, we tend to choose places our kids enjoy too, usually in Wedding, where we live, like Örnek for lahmacun. Their chicken kebab is amazing too, even if it’s not grilled on charcoal. We also love Sarajevo for börek; the price is unbeatable. They also have a salad with goat’s cheese that no one talks about; it’s especially delicious with their cevapcici.”

Cevapcici. Photo: F. Anthea Schaap
  • Örnek, Prinzenallee 80-82, Wedding, details.
  • Sarajevo, Triftstr. 8, Wedding, call 030 92141077.

“Our favourite place for a cocktail is without a doubt Kreuzberg’s Wax On – no frills, no attitude, just really amazing cocktails. A place we visit all the time is Terese in Prenzlauer Berg. It’s not quite a restaurant; she has all these products from the Alps, but she does dishes like Leberkäsesemmel or raclette. We get lunch or a snack there at least once or twice a week.”

Photo: Wax On
  • Wax On, Weserstr. 208, Neukölln, details.
  • Terese, Rhinower Str. 10, Prenzlauer Berg, details.

“Also, our kids are obsessed with everything like dim sum and dumplings. So on Sundays, we often take them to Lao Xiang on Prenzlauer Allee. They do real classic Cantonese-style dim sum. In terms of fast food, Guten Dag in Prenzlauer Berg is great for Korean fried chicken. The kids love it too, so when we have the day off, that’s our Sunday night family meal.”

Photo: Jason Leung / Unsplash
  • Lao Xiang, Wichertstr. 43, Prenzlauer Berg, details.
  • Guten Dag, Unter den Gleisen, Schönhauser Allee 71-72, Prenzlauer Berg, details.

“A restaurant we think is underrated is Japanese Ichi on Straßburger Straße. They do lunch and dinner and have a very relaxing atmosphere and extremely kind service. We usually have their lunch tray, where you can have anything from sashimi to fried chicken for a super fair price.”

Photo: Japanese Ichi
  • Japanese Ichi, Straßburger Str. 60, Mitte, details.

“We’d also recommend Ferro Canteen. It’s a little off the beaten track, because who goes to Reinickendorf for lunch? But it’s a beautiful bike ride out there. They have this canteen-style room with beautiful straw furniture and a rooftop terrace, and they usually have four dishes to choose from.”

Photo: Ferro Canteen
  • Ferro Canteen, Kopenhagener Str. 60-68, Reinickendorf, details.