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Our 3 favourite places to eat empanada in Berlin

Made with corn or flour dough, veg or meat-filled: There are countless ways an empanada can be prepared, and just as many restaurants in Berlin that are serving them up. Here are three of our favourites.

Photo: WØM | Creative Studio / Unsplash

The beauty of the empanada is that there’s no singular, correct way for them to be. The best catch-all description of the South American speciality is that it’s a handheld pastry shell, filled with stuff – but different countries have different styles. Argentina specialises in flour dough, stuffed with a wide range of oft-meaty ingredients, while Colombia and Venezuela do fried corn casings filled with meat and potatoes. No matter the variant, they’re delicious when done right, and here’s where to find the not-so-common treat in Berlin.

La Criolla Empanadas

Photo: @lacriollaberlin

A bunch of fine Argentine empanada varieties are on display at this Prenzlauer Berg counter (there’s a Friedrichshain location, too). La Criolla boasts pillowy dough and flavourful ingredients, whether you opt for spicy chicken, spinach and ricotta, or the intriguing broccoli-blue cheese creation – it’s the perfect balance of hearty without being too greasy.

  • La Criolla Empanadas, Marienburger Str. 9, Prenzlauer Berg / Kopernikusstr. 35, Friedrichshain, details.

El Chilenito

Photo: @elchilenitoberlin

Chilean empanadas de pino are the name of the game at this little window in Bergmannkiez, run by the son of exiled Chileans following the 1973 coup. That means a similar baked flour dough to Argentina, but with a specifically Chilean filling of beef, onion, egg and a single olive. Vegetarian and vegan versions are available, too, and you can also pair them with a boozy pisco sour for the full Chilean experience.

  • El Chilenito, Bergmannnstr. 102, Kreuzberg, details.


Photo: @mecatoberlin

Four varieties of crisp-fried Colombian-style empanadas are on the menu at this charming café, which also does excellent arepas and Bogotá-style hot chocolate. Choose between chicken, beef, mushroom, and cheese fillings. For a balanced diet, the empanadas all come with pepper, onion and potato inside – don’t skip the ají, a tangy, spicy sauce that’ll really make them pop. 

  • Mecato, Gärtnerstr. 2, Friedrichshain, details.