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Veg out! Berlin’s best vegetarian and vegan burgers

There's no need to compromise on your veggie and vegan principles here. Read on for our list of the best places to get a meat-free burger in Berlin.

Photo: Deryn Macey/Unsplash

So you’re veggie and find yourself craving a burger, but you’ve been burned too many times before with those thin, flavourless, dry veggie patties. You think wistfully, “hmm, maybe I’ll just have fries”. But don’t fear! We’re here to recommend our very favourite juicy, flavourful veggie and vegan burgers in Berlin.


Photo: Burgermeister

Burgermeister is a Berlin institution, and when asking around the Exberliner office for everyone’s favourite veggie burger, this one came out on top. While it may not be a hidden gem, the hype is real. The soya patty is juicy and comes with grilled mushrooms, incredible dill pickles and all the other trimmings.

  • Meat and veggie options, burgers from 6.30€
  • Burgermeister, 10 locations across the city, details.

Yoyo Foodworld

Photo: Yoyo Foodworld

So although the name is slightly bizarre, there’s no denying the incredible deliciousness of the all-vegan menu at Yoyo Foodworld, just off Boxhagener Platz. They have soy, seitan, homemade lentil, Beyond Meat patties, and more. And did we mention the fries? Whatever you do, do not forget to order the fries. They just might be the best in Berlin.

  • All vegan menu, burgers from 5.50€,
  • Yoyo Foodworld, Gärtnerstr. 27, Friedrichshain, details.


Photo: @theveganberlin on Veg’D

Another all-vegan fast food joint which serves up the salty deep-fried goodness you crave is Veg’D, now with four locations around town. Their brioche buns are fluffy and they have homemade, Beyond Meat and seitan patties on offer.

  • All vegan menu, burgers from 9.90€
  • Veg’D, 4 locations across the city, details.

Lia’s Kitchen

Photo: @jakub_dziubak for Lia’s Kitchen

Lia’s Kitchen is a firm local favourite and serves up something a little different from the (admittedly delicious) Beyond Meat option. Their burgers are all homemade, and include options like seitan, quinoa, lentil and black bean patties. Their house-made sauces bring loads of flavour to the table as well, with particular favourites being their chilli and creamy peanut sauce.

  • All vegan menu, burgers from 7.90€
  • Lia’s Kitchen, Kollwitzstr. 47, Mitte, details.

Vincent Vegan

Photo: Vincent Vegan

This rapidly expanding chain has to be doing something right to have opened up across four German cities. Their burgers are massive, tender, and packed with delicious relishes, jalapenos and roasted onions.

  • All vegan menu, burgers from 6€
  • Vincent Vegan, 5 locations across the city, details.


Photo: Kreuzburger

Kreuzburger has been fulfilling Berlin’s craving for burgers since 1999. The homemade vegan burgers are probably the veggie highlight, as opposed to their more bog-standard mozzarella or halloumi burger.

  • Meat, veggie and vegan options, burgers from 5.50€
  • Kreuzburger, 6 locations across the city, details.


Photo: Ryong

Ryong isn’t strictly a burger joint, but their signature bao bun burgers stuffed with miso tofu or a jackfruit patty are something seriously special. They’re on the pricier end of the burger scale, but if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, Ryong’s your spot.

  • Veggie and vegan options, burgers from 12.80€
  • Ryong, Torstr. 59 & Rykestr. 36, Prenzlauer Berg, details.


Photo: @bart.spencer for Burgeramt

Friedrichshain is one of the best spots in town for veggie and vegan food, and you can add Burgeramt (not to be confused with the much less enjoyable Bürgeramt) to your list of places to go. They have four unbelievably good Beyond Meat options (which include onions caramelised in maple syrup, yum) as well as halloumi and vegetable patty burgers.

  • Meat, veggie and vegan options, burgers from 7.90€ 
  • Burgeramt, Krossener Str. 21-22, Friedrichshain, details.

Goldies Smashburger

Photo: Goldies

Their vegan patties are good, their homemade pickles are fab, and their fries are legendary. They claim to serve up ‘the best bad food in town’. Sometimes us veggies want to munch on something filthy too.

  • Meat, veggie and vegan options, burgers from 6€
  • goldies Smashburger, Graefestr. 93, Neukӧlln, pop-up location at POP KUDAMM, Kurfürstendamm 229, Charlottenburg, details.

Neue Republik Reger

Photo: Neue Republik Reger

Everything is vegan, and as far as possible organic and regional at Neue Republik Reger. They want to change the world, one full stomach at a time. They organise awesome events (drag shows, music, workshops) as well as serve up excellent burgers and delicious beer.

  • All vegan menu, burgers from 8.90€
  • Neue Republik Reger, Bouchéstr. 79A, Alt Treptow, details.