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The best new restaurants we tried in September

Another month, another bunch of great new food spots in Berlin. These are the best newly opened restaurants we tried in September.

The decor is even bolder than the fusion of Japanese and Levantine flavours at The Pink Room. Photo: Pink Room

This September saw some impressive new culinary additions to Berlin’s bustling food scene. Fusion cuisine served in a practically all-pink restaurant, a new take on the classic croissant, Swedish comfort food in P Berg, Berlin’s first Korean Anju bar, and more. These are our favourite new restaurants from September. 

Pink Room

Black Cod Yakitori with Vin Jaune sauce, walnuts and sushi rice at The Pink Room. Photo: The Pink Room

The summer of Barbie might be behind us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still embrace all things pink. Gal Ben Moshe, star chef of mega popular fine dining spot Prism, has just opened a hot new restaurant together with elegant cocktail spot Bellboy Bar. Serving up a fusion of Japanese and Levantine flavours, the Pink Room’s tasting menu might be on the pricier side, but the restaurant’s camp-glam decor is worth the price tag alone.

  • Pink Room, Mohrenstr. 30, Mitte, details.

Croissant Couture

Although it takes the ‘crescent’ part out of the croissant, Croissant Couture’s signature round croissants are some of the best pastries out there.

For fans of croissants (aka, everyone) there’s a new place to get your freshly-baked fix. Even though they’ve just opened, Croissant Couture in Mitte has quickly become well-known for their vanilla, pistachio and matcha-filled croissants, as well as their savoury varieties. Enjoy their signature circular croissants along with a flat white or iced matcha.

  • Croissant Couture, Weinbergsweg 4, Mitte, details.

Möllers Köttbullar Prenzlauer Berg

Who new Nordic comfort food could look so Instagrammable? Photo: @lindsayy.eats

Möllers Köttbullar in Kreuzberg, which is already hugely popular for their Swedish meatballs, has just opened a second location in Prenzlauer Berg. They’ll be continuing to serve up the signature Swedish comfort food, which they make from high-quality beef, and a meat-free pea protein alternative. Dishes are served with classic sides like mashed potatoes, fries and cucumber salad.

  • Möllers Köttbullar Prenzlauer Berg, Danziger Str. 26, Prenzlauer Berg, details.

Cicchetti da Rosa

Another fusion spot, this time: Italian meets Vietnamese. Photo: Cicchetti da Rosa

It looks like fusion is the flavour of the month. Owners Rosa Panzera and Duc Anh Tran bring their (respective) Italian and Vietnamese backgrounds to the table at Cicchetti da Rosa, resulting in a unique mix of hearty southern European flavours and delicately aromatic Asian notes. 

  • Cicchetti da Rosa, Ludwigkirchpl. 12, Charlottenburg, details.

Dotori: Korean Anju Bar

Wash that bibimbap down with a bit of soju. Photo: Marianne Rennella

Berlin just got its very first Korean Anju bar – and in Weißensee of all places! If you’re not already in the know, Anju is the Korean term for drinking alcohol while eating. There isn’t really an exact translation, but it can best be compared to European aperitif culture, so think drawn-out meals with friends, shared plates, and top quality drink.

  • Dotori: Korean Anju Bar, Gustav-Adolf-Str. 159, Weißensee, details.

Die mit den Kirschen

It’s all about Ukrainian specialities at this new Charlottenburg eatery. Eugen Kucheruk / Unsplash

While its name might make you think otherwise, Die mit den Kirschen (or The one with the Cherries) isn’t exactly a cherry-themed restaurant. In fact, it’s Ukrainian, which means there’s plenty of cherry-filled dishes to be found on the menu. Think vareniki dumplings with cherry filling, lamb loin with red wine and cherry sauce, cherry compote-topped blinis.

  • Die mit den Kirschen, Wielandstr. 38, Charlottenburg, details.

Fish Klub St. Oberholz: The Canteen

Fresh is best at Fish Klub. Photo: Claude Potts / Unsplash

This popular seafood popup has left its Kreuzberg location. You can now enjoy fresh oysters, ethically-sourced fish and more at Fish Kub’s new spot at St. Oberholz, Mitte. There, they’ve launched a joint dining venture called The Canteen, which focuses on cocktails and seafood bar snacks.

  • Fish Klub St. Oberholz: The Canteen, Rosenthaler Str. 72A, Mitte, details.