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Bars in Berlin: The best new openings of 2022

Berlin’s best bars openings in 2022 has something for everyone, from campy-kitsch cocktails, to low-key natural wines and a kneipe for the contemporary Berliner.

Wax On: Stand-out ingredients and unhurried techniques

Photo: Wax On

The menu at Wax One features eight regularly changing specials – four highballs, four classic cocktails, often featuring some unusual ingredients (think home-picked fig leaves and clarified banana juice). There’s certainly no lack of originality here, with a new take on an Old Fashioned made with juicy strawberry and velvety peanut butter. There is also a hoppy lager from Motel Beer and selected natural wines.

  • Wax On, Weserstr. 208, Neukölln, get more info here.

Bellboy Bar: Kitschy cocktails galore

Photo: Roshianu & Moloko

At Bellboy, as much attention is put into the look and feel of the space, as the drinks themselves. Expect to be sipping your cocktail of choice from a banana-shaped hip flask or giant seashell. There can also be an interactive side to enjoying a drink at Bellboy, like being served a minty-fresh cocktail in a giant ceramic tooth-shaped cup and a toothbrush topped sweetener for you to mix in. Of course.

  • Bellboy, Mohrenstr. 30, Mitte, visit their website here.

Le Balto: Natural wines in Neukölln

Photo: Le Balto

Does Neukölln need another natural wine bar? Yes, at least if it hits the mark as tastefully as Le Balto. A small but finely curated selection of wines are accompanied by aperitifs and low-key bar snacks. Wines from Austria, France and the Czech Republic are available on tap and, of course, by the bottle.

  • Le Balto, Hobrechtstr. 28, Neukölln, check out their Instagram here.

Frederick’s: Opulent 1920s glam

Photo: Frederick’s Berlin

Frederick’s is all about recreating the glamour and mystique of 1920s Berlin. The interior features expansive murals, crystal chandeliers and huge vintage mirrors. While the cuisine is targeted a little too much at the upmarket tourist crowd, the cocktails and atmosphere of the space are worth a visit in their own right.

  • Frederick’s, Bellevuestr. 1, Tiergarten, visit their website here.

Lotte am Zoo: The contemporary kneipe

Photo: Clemens Niedenthal

A contemporary take on the classic neighbourhood kneipe means more than just overpriced craft beer on tap. At Lotte am Zoo, you can enjoy some classic beers with a good old fashioned Leberwurststulle (liverwurst paté on bread) and gherkins. With an approachable atmosphere and down to earth charm, Lotte am Zoo also has a great selection of schnapps and riesling. Prost!

  • Lotte am Zoo, Lotte-Lenya-Bogen 547, Charlottenburg, visit their website here.