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  • 8,000 Vintages: Georgian wines and ancient traditions 


8,000 Vintages: Georgian wines and ancient traditions 

The new Kreuzberg wine bar offers hundreds of delicious wines, crafted with ancient Georgian wine-making methods.

Photo: Marianne Rennella

Georgian food is everywhere nowadays – and it’s no less than it deserves. But now a little wine bar on the border of Kreuzberg and Schöneberg is paying tribute to the country’s long-standing tradition on winemaking. 

The new wine bar 8,000 Vintages on the corner of Yorckstraße/Großbeerenstraß offers hundreds of varieties. Founder Irakli Chkhaidze runs six wine bars in his home country, but set up 8,000 Vintages together with fellow Georgian George Sujashvili. Sujashvili runs the shop, which is replete with a large south-facing terrace and wine racks stretching from the floor to the ceiling.

To be honest, there aren’t quite 8,000, but the shop boasts hundreds of different Georgian wines in all sorts of colours and price brackets. You can bring them home or drink them at the bar for a corkage fee of 8€. The names of the grapes are marked on the shelves: Saperavi, Rkatsieli, Kisi or Mtsvane represent just a few examples of the 525 different grapes native to Georgia.

So, why the number 8,000? Georgians pride themselves on their ancient traditions – and wine-making is no exception. The 8,000 year old Kvevri wine-making method involves taking giant clay amphora pots and allowing the grape juice, mixed with the mash of peels and stems, to ferment while buried underground. Due to the bulbous shape of the barrels, a natural circulation takes place meaning no additives are needed during fermentation. The result is an amber wine, with a distinctive orange-gold colour, strong aroma and rich in tannins.

Photo: Marianne Rennella

Alongside the wine, the food offering comprises platters boasting all the classics: walnut paste, spinach with walnuts, Georgian salad with tomatoes, cucumber or jonjoli, the pickled flowers of the Caucasian bladdernut.

Based on our first impressions, a golden age lies ahead for this cute wine bar – and that’s not just based on the amber wine.  

  • 8000 Vintages Großbeerenstr. 27a, Kreuzberg, details.