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Your Weekend: Nekid on screen, doing yourself and scary queers

Screw Halloween costumes, Walter Crasshole wants to strip it all off! Or at least watch lots of other people do so – there's a porn festival in town! And stuff for you non-pervs, too.

Ahhh, Halloween. For most, a weekend where those who lead less than exciting lives get to pretend to be exciting and step outside of their comfort zone. For one weekend a year they let the freak out! And this usually involves putting on clothes to signify something or other. The key word(s) here are “putting on” though. For me, this weekend is all about taking off clothes in a grand celebration of acts like we see on the Discovery Channel.

Yes, it’s PornFilmFestival Berlin weekend, now on its fifth year. In some ways, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the ghoulish festivities around town when there are tons of nekid people on screen. And some of them are here in town as well. I won’t spend time recommending individual films, though – there are just too many and how would I know what pulls your personal pud. My larger recommendation: just go to the festival. My more concrete recommendation: hit up the The Great Annual Porn Film Festival Berlin Party! (Sat, Oct 30 @ Monster Ronson’s). Where else can you go for a nude smoker’s lounge?

But if you’re prudish – and you must be to not be watching porn RIGHT NOW – there’s always Peaches Does Herself (Fri, Oct 29 @ Hebbel am Ufer). Oh, shit. That doesn’t quite work, now does it? Anyways, the Queen of Obscene does a musical retrospective of her musical career, which she launched ten years ago with the release of Teaches of Peaches.

If you want to get active with the night, there’s also a whole lotta Pongress goin’ on – a five-day meeting of international ping pong party people. Tonight’s event: Dienstagtischtennis & Ping Pong Newcastle (Fri, Oct 29 @ Atelierhof Kreuzberg). It’s not as likely to be as FKK as the previous mentioned events, but nobody would object to a shirt being removed during a bout of Rundlauf.

But maybe you’d like to just blur the line between audience and performer and try out your star power at 900 Seconds (Fri, Oct 29 @ Kim) where you literally get, well, 900 seconds to DJ whatever you like to whomever will listen. It could end up sounding the best iPod Genius Mix you’ll ever hear (which isn’t difficult because those things kind of suck).

And if what ye seek be something with that touch of Halloween, there ARE cool things to do. The Neon Raiders Halloween Special (Sat, Oct 30 @ ZMF) definitely tops my list. Velvet Condom are tapped for a live show  to make it, what else, a dark wave-y Halloween and Just Eigk, Dickey Doo and Sheila Chipperfield (of Elastica fame) all spin until you die. Plus, they advertise queer chainsaw pop! How rad is that?

And on Sunday, I will give one porn recommendation… Courtney Trouble’s Roulette: Dirty South (Sun, Oct 31 @ Moviemento) which you have the opportunity (if you’re reading this early enough) to score free tickets to through EXBERLINER – just check out our interview with Ms. Trouble to find out how. But even if you don’t win, go see. Porn on Sunday morning is always a winner anyways – especially in this country of high Christian values.