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  • Your weekend: Freaks, hard-tech happenings and hidden Tresor


Your weekend: Freaks, hard-tech happenings and hidden Tresor

High concept parties, wonderful freaks, a dash of the occult and a return to the vault: this weekend's a mixed bag of the weird and wonderful.

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I don’t have much of an introduction for you except that I’m as ready for the weekend as the next person, but it goes without saying that my picks have a healthy mix of freaks, geeks, pseudo-religious nuts and anarchists. But let the events speak for themselves.

We love Mary Ocher because she’s one of Berlin’s priceless treasures, because she’s a true freak (in the best sense of the term) and above all because she writes wonderful music. Her record release party for War Songs (Fri, Mar 11 @ .HBC) which includes the song in this amazing video, is top pick for Friday night. Also in Berlin’s underground, but not quite so far down that the YUKIs don’t know it, is Tresor.20 (Fri, Mar 11@ Tresor), celebrating 20 years of the club that started it all in a former vault, hosting such legendary party institutions as Bonito House Club.

It’s the month for Gegen Roots (Sat, Mar 12 @ M.I.K.Z.), a high-concept, leftist hard-tech party, that actually handles its intentions and ambitions well. The last version of the party, Gegen Berlin, was totally off the buzz charts on the internet and on the streets, so be sure not to miss this this one. If concepts and parties are not the way you swing, head to ComedySportz (Sat, Mar 12 @ Kookaburra Comedy Club) with our own Summer Banks. Or Occultofest (Sat, Mar 12 @ Ausland) offers a glimpse into weirdness with video and workshops, sans party. Just go for the “education”. And it might be a good lead-in to our next issue…

Sara Svärtan Persson DJs PORK (Sun, Mar 13 @ Ficken 3000) this weekend, which should be the consistently messy affair that it always is – but her amazing energy and sparkle guarantee that the shirts will come off (boys and girls) as always.

Freaks, cults, concepts and energy – get the fuck to it!