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Your Weekend: Last chances, classics and weirdos

After the psychotic mess of last weekend, this one is all about the end of things and keeping it quiet. Exhibitions leave us for who-knows-what and there are plenty of film retros to attend in the meantime.

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Photo by José Maria Silveira Neto (Silveira Neto; Flickr CC)

It’s looking like a dip back down on the calendar this weekend. So head to the galleries and Kinos instead for your entertainment fixes. There is Sub:stance & Finest Friday (Fri, Jan 14 @ Berghain), something dubstep-y that has been touched by techno and drum’n’bass, but someone recently told me that dubstep or “bro-step” is now for the fratboys.

In the art world it’s a weekend of last chances. Exhibitions all picked the same weekend to say goodbye to Berlin, presumably because the weather sucks and to make room for those yet unfazed by it. Roe Ethridge’s photography tries to theorise part of your Nature (Fri, Jan 14 @ Gerhardsen Gerner). Can you say “Adorno and Horkheimer’s Dialectic of Enlightenment”? Group show Out of Joint (Sat, Jan 15 @ Galerie Kamm) might have too many cooks, but the broth seems tasty, and it will illustrate that “out of joint” is not broken English for “Where can I get some bud?” André Buchmann-curated exhibition Crystal World (Sat, Jan 15 @ Buchmann Galerie), which sounds like the name of every post-2009 indie band, is paintings, collages and crushed crowd barriers (perhaps from Love Parade?). And Tactics of Invisibility (Sat, Jan 15 @ Heidestraße 50) gives Turkish artists’ perspective on the internet’s constant redefining of the status of privacy in today’s world.

If art’s not your bag, there’s a host of film retrospectives playing this weekend. The British Shorts Festival (Fri, Jan 14 @ Sputnik) and Billy Wilder’s One, Two, Three (Fri, Jan 14 @ Babylon Mitte) can kick off your weekend. Vincent Minelli’s The Band Wagon (Sat, Jan 15 @ Kino Arsenal) gives a musical fix, Marilyn gives her all in Wilder’s Some Like It Hot (Sat, Jan 15 @ Babylon Mitte). Also: Tim Burton’s 1980s classic Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (Sat, Jan 15 @ Kino Arsenal) and Christoph Schlingensief’s brilliant 100 Jahre Adolf Hitler (Sat, Jan 15 @ Babylon Mitte) for the weird and politically inclined. Close out the weekend with the final night of Unknown Pleasures, Babylon Mitte’s American Independent festival, with Los Angeles Plays Itself (Sun, Jan 16 @ Babylon Mitte).

So this weekend: think of things you might miss or hibernate in one of Berlin’s many brilliant cinemas. Viel Spaβ!