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What to expect at the 2024 Cinema of Commoning Symposium

Every year, Wedding’s Sinema Transtopia celebrates alternative cinema from around the world.

Photo: Sinema Transtopia

The Cinema of Commoning project aims to challenge traditional film industry structures by promoting a more collaborative and community-oriented approach to international cinema. Headed by the team behind Sinema Transtopia, their symposium event fosters connections between alternative cinema initiatives worldwide through talks, panels and a curated film programme, creating a global network of like-minded filmmakers who believe in the power of cinema to facilitate meaningful dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Expect to partake in (or just bear witness to) discussions on issues like accessibility, artistic freedom and financial sustainability in the film industry.

Whether you’re a film professional, a cinephile or simply someone passionate about the transformative power of art, this three-day series is a must for those interested in the cultural scene of Berlin. Cinema of Commoning gives immediate relief in a time where the Berlin cultural sector can feel imminently under threat from populist politics and policing; here everyone can come together and celebrate the ambitious forces and diversity behind the Berlin film scene.

The curation of screenings features works from Senegal, Nigeria, Lebanon, Albania, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia, and talks include ‘Censorship and Politics in Contemporary Cinema Practice’ and ‘Exploring Cinema as a Social Space: Communities, Encounters, Experiments’. Don’t miss!

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