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  • Three Thousand Years of Longing ★★★


Three Thousand Years of Longing ★★★

George Miller's new offering lacks momentum, but it still offers a stellar cast, sincere tone and an air of originality.

Tilda Swinton, Three Thousand Years of Longing. Photo: IMAGO / Picturelux

Following the storming success of his masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller has surprised many by conjuring up an eccentric fantasy. A consciously out-of-vogue piece, it is a fantasy film with Tilda Swinton – a wary academic and Idris Elba – a bubbly genie.

It is refreshing to see Miller pursue a passion project in this adaptation of AS Byatt’s novella, The Djinn in The Nightingale’s Eye. Yet, despite the stellar cast, sincere tone and air of originality, the fundamental problem is that the film lacks any real momentum. Perhaps most disappointing is a work that conjures the spectre of Aladin – we remain unenchanted. The cult following of both Miller and Byatt will no doubt mean that Three Thousand Years of Longing will find its geeky enthusiasts, and that this will really hit home for a certain fanbase is a good thing. All in all, I guess that is the beauty of cinema. ★★★